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Battle To Save Netiv HaAvot Leads To Gush Etzion Boycott Of Arab-Owned Gush Area Garage

3One of the main petitioners seeking the removal of the Netiv HaAvot neighborhood of Yishuv Elazar is a mechanic who owns a garage in Gush Etzion. According to the Regavim organization report, the Arab mechanic’s own garage, Eli’s Garage, was ordered destroyed by the Civil Administration for it was built illegally and has no permits or licensees to operate. However, the High Court of Justice is not permitting the destruction to take place but it is fine with removing Netiv HaAvot and Amona.

Gush Etzion Regional Council Acting Head Moshe Seville explains the absurd, citing “a Palestinian Arab is fighting Netiv HaAvot residents, claiming they live in illegally built homes. He on the other hand proudly operates a garage which was built illegally.”

It is pointed out that while the Arab mechanic is petitioning against Netiv HaAvot, he personally has absolutely no documentation proving ownership. He simply wants them out.

The response, albeit too little too late, is a boycott of the garage located north of Efrat. Many question why any sane motorist would bring a vehicle to an Arab-owned garage when there are Jewish mechanics in the area in light of so many Arab attacks against Jews.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Regavim)

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