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Brooklyn: Two Prospect Heights Menorah’s Vandalized

mChabad of Prospect Heights two Menorah’s were vandalized over Chanukah. The branches were broken and the wires cut. One Menorah was located at the Park Slope Playground between 5th and 6th Avenue’s and the other at Underhill Playground.

It is believed the the Menorahs were vandalized sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, when the damage was discovered.

Rabbi Mendy Hecht, Director of Chabad Jewish Center of Prospect Heights said,

“The Menorah is a beautiful holiday symbol. I condemn this deeply offensive act. These incidents of hate have no place in our society, and is not in any way a reflection of Prospect Heights or Park Slope, which are wonderful neighborhoods.”

Chabad will be holding a menorah lighting on Wednesday at 5:00PM with hot latkes and gifts for the children at Park Slope Playground between 5th and 6th ave.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

2 Responses

  1. This public display of giant menoras really gets to some goyim, if not to many of them. As there is no halachic reason to light them along highways, in city squares, and other suchlike places, maybe it would be prudent to do what the poskim say – that today, in golus, the mitzva is for bnei beiso of the one lighting.
    It either ends up vandalized, or in court. Who needs that?

  2. I personally don’t agree with chabad lighting in public places and parks. None the less this country values are that of acceptance of of one another and freedom of…… That being the case if I can see trees with thousands of lights a candelabra with a few lights shouldn’t be an issue either. There is no room in American values for this criminal offense. I will side with chabad even though I disagree with them in halacha. Go chabad go!

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