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PHOTOS: Wednesday Protest Outside Jerusalem IDF Induction Center



Several dozen chareidim protested on Rashi Street in Jerusalem outside the IDF induction center on Wednesday, 6 Teves.

The protestors tried to block the street a number of times.

At least two people were arrested.






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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. #1 Almost 45% secular Israelis do not serve, why should they drag Yeshiva boys to the army, especially when they have an overabundance of soldiers and the only purpose they want religious boys is to secularize them?

  2. #1: Close to 80% of all soldiers (out of the 45% who ultimately do serve…) are various sorts of “jobniks” which means they are not constantly facing danger on a daily basis. So, unless there’s cv”s a war, they are not in “danger.” And if war does break out, everyone is in danger.
    It behooves those who are sitting pretty in the cushy U.S.A. not to publicly pass judgement on social/religious issues in E.Y. Issues that they probably don’t fully understand, YWN often doesn’t help with partial reporting of such incidents. It’s almost never just what you see at the moment. Judging favorably (דן לכף זכות) applies to Chareidim too!! All the chronic, often pathological, automatic condemnation of the Chareidi tzibbur is an indicator of a person’s true attitudes to Torah and mitzvos, and toward the tzibbur that is doing the best job of upholding those values.

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