TGI Survey On Israeli Media


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1TGI on Wednesday, 27 Teves released it latest media survey in Israel. The dati leumi Makor Rishon newspaper has a 3.7 market share in the second half of 2016, representing a 0.2% increase from the first half of the same year.

The weekly BaSheva newspaper, affiliated with Arutz-7, registered a 1.6% decline during the same period and maintains a 6.1% market share in the second half of 2016 as opposed to 7.7% during the first half of the year.

If one measures the annual performance of BaSheva, it registers a 0.5% increase while Makor Rishon registers a 0.4% increase.

Among daily newspapers, Yisrael Hayom receives 38.6% as compared to 39.7% during the first half of the year. Yediot is also down from 34.9% to 33.9% but is saved with its weekend edition which is up from 37.2 to 38%.

Haaretz increases to 2.1% from 1% the previous year.

Kol Chai is down but still leading among chareidi radio stations with 5.07% of the listening audience as opposed to 5.37% percent in the previous poll.

Kol Berama is down to 3.26% as compared to 4.22% in the last poll and 4.9 last year.

The right-wing (Settler) Galei Yisrael received 2.4%, the same as in the last poll.,

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)