Syrian Orphans Find New Homes in Israel


refThe Interior Ministry backed by the Prime Minister have given the necessary approval to permit Israeli Arab families to foster Syrian orphans in Israel, speaking of 100 children. Israel views the ongoing bloodshed in Syria as a humanitarian mission and is planning increased medical assistance as well.

According to the plan approved by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, 100 Syrian orphans will be housed in the Israeli Arab sector and it is likely close members of their family will be permitted to join them at a later date.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Willing to spend a fortune on foreign refugees who will probably grow up hating Israel anyway but seemingly doesn’t have enough funds for its own citizens! The country has lost its moral compass. Look after your own brothers and sisters first then worry about others. No browny points earned with the UN if that’s what they are thinking….