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Yeshiva Bochur Arrested At Anti-IDF Protest And then Handed Over to Military Police

idffA Jerusalem talmid yeshiva was arrested at an anti-IDF protest. The young man is affiliated with the Yerushalmi branch, which follows HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita and do not report to induction centers to register as per the rav’s instructions.

According to the Tuesday 11 Shevat edition of HaPeles, the Yerushalmi branch newspaper, the young man was arrested on Sunday evening during a Jerusalem protest and has since been arraigned in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court and released to house arrest with restrictions. Instead of releasing him, he was handed over to military police, who learned he is wanted for failing to report for service and is now being held without bail in a military jail.

Rabbonim are conferring to decide what actions if any should be taken on his behalf.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

10 Responses

  1. If this slacker has so much time to leave his shtender and demonstrate rather than learning, than he should legitimately be arrested and charged for evading the draft. We watch every other day another demonstration with all these ostensibly full-time learners in yeshivish lvush screaming obscenities against the police, throwing stones and attacking IDF chayalim. If they want to engage in “non-violent resistance” to the law, thats fine, but bring your tallis/teffilin with you since you likely will not be going back to the beis medrash.

  2. pretty good argument – BUT – when the court released him to house detention, who decided to hand him over instead to the military???? THIS DEMANDS CLARIFICATION!

  3. We can help decide what actions if any should be taken: throw away the key to the cell he is locked up in. Enough of this nonsense. If you want to sit and learn, sit and learn and we will all uphold the desirability of what you are doing and help you remain in the Beis Hamedrash. However if you leave the Beis Hamedrash and make bizyoinos, then sit in jail. There you can learn undisturbed. Take you chavrusa to the demonstration with you and you can sit and learn together when he also gets arrested by the nazi zionist kapos.

  4. Izzyg and why does it require investigation. He committed a crime and one law agency notified another

    Makes sense. What doesn’t why did he go. And put himself on this situation

  5. Ho hum, it’s the same story as last week and the week before that. Just the “guilty” perpetrator changes. And it’s some of the same commenters making the same comments as before. Aren’t you tired of reporting the same ol’ stuff every week? And as long as Reb Shmuel Auerbach shlit”a maintains his opinion on this, it’s going to continue. No matter what the council of sages at YWN thinks…. Maybe stop trying to pass judgement on internal Eretz Yisrael matters that are not fully understood by folks dwelling along the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

  6. If only chareidim are forced to join the army when about 50% secular can get away with it and when they’re not even needed according to the DM, he did not commit any crime and they should continue protesting until he’s released.

  7. #7 Not as simple as you you say. Many yeshiva boys are literally dragged into the army once they step foot in the giyus office to bring their form. Do some homework before posting.

  8. Did anyone here stop to think, just as this man had a p’sak not to register, he also had a p’sak to protest? I think not. Everyone here who posted negatively has showed they’re true colors as a Sonei HaTorah, besides for the fact they have blantanly disregarded the Mitzvas Asei of ״בצדק תשפט עמיתך״.

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