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Attempted Stabbing Attack at Kalandia Checkpoint [UPDATED 12:59PM IL]

6c8459e3-83a7-4b8a-8151-9026ecd715c912:52PM IL: PRELINARY: A female terrorist has been shot at the Kalandia Checkpoint on Jerusalem’s northern border in an attempted stabbing attack.

It appears the terrorist was wounded before she could stab anyone.

Additional information to follow as it becomes available.

12:59 PM IL: The woman approached in a lane intended for vehicular inspections, holding something in her hand. When she was instructed to halt, she continued approaching. Soldiers implemented protocol and after firing a warning shot the shot her in a leg.






(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Zaka spokesman unit via Media Resource Group)

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  1. This terrorist was “neutralized” taken to Israel’s hospital to be healed and released as soon as possible. Cowardly Israel “might” put her through a revolving door jail for a short while and out she goes attacking again.

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