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Talk of Arizona Boycott In NYC Council

The WSJ reports:

New York lawmakers and leaders, along with their counterparts in other cities, have been heaping scorn on Arizona since the state passed strict immigration laws last month. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban most official travel to the state, and now New York’s City Council will consider a resolution calling for a boycott of all things Arizona.

Ydanis Rodrigues, a Manhattan Democrat, filed the non-binding resolution Wednesday, a council aide confirmed.

“Whereas cities, from Boston, Mass. to Oakland, Calif, are calling for boycotts of the state of Arizona,” the resolution reads, “now, therefore, be it resolved that the council of the City of New York calls for a boycott of the state of Arizona in response to its anti-immigrant legislation.”

The Arizona law makes illegal immigration a crime in the state, and it requires police to question people about their immigration status if officers suspect they are in the U.S. illegally.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a potential 2013 mayoral candidate, said she hasn’t yet reviewed the resolution but, on a conceptual level, she’s amenable to passing it.

“I’m very open to considering a resolution like that and that type of a statement,” she said, when asked about the proposal at a news conference preceding Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

The city of Phoenix has estimated the controversy surrounding the law could cost the city $90 million in convention and hotel business during the next five years.

A number of cities in Massachusetts, following Boston’s lead, are drafting laws that demand canceling contracts with Arizona-based companies. Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco announced a city employee ban on travel to Arizona. And Congressman Jose Serrano, a New York Democrat, has called on Major League Baseball to reconsider holding the 2011 all-star game in Arizona.

(Source: WSJ)

12 Responses

  1. Arizona we all stand with you its only the democrat government thugs trying to heavy hand you, for political gain, Tell them where to go!!

  2. Given the current economy, why would any New York City civil servant ever be travelling to Arizona on government business? While I sympathize with the sentiment (Arizona’s saying that if you too ethnic you have to carry your papers with all the time or be locked up sounds, well, very Germanic), it is a meaningless gesture.

  3. If you want to drive, you must carry a drivers license. If you want to cash a check or make a withdrawal from your bank account, you need to produce positive ID. To get a job (a legal one, at least), you must produce proof of legal residency. Israelis are required to carry their teudat zehut all the time, which sounds very Germanic! Akuperma, your problem is in the sector of your brain that controls intelligence. Go back and read Arizona’s law. It’s only thirteen pages. It doesn’t say, “If you’re too ethnic, you must carry your papers with you all the time or be locked up”.

  4. #3- Tourists can drive (the US accepts Mexican driving licenses), tourists can cash checks or use ATM machines (the cards are good internationally). It should be noted that no one is required to drive, and one is almost always allowed to pay cash. This has nothing to do with requiring everyone who looks hispanic (which includes everyone since Hispanics can be white or black, blond or dark, short or tall) to show their papers to everyone policeman you meet.

    Israel was founded by European socialists (indeed for the first 20 years, there was always a socialist majority, and in the first election there was even a serious possibility the communists would win). Most European countries have things like population registries and a requirement to notify someone (usually your local police station) when you change residence. However there were never such laws in Britain or America, and the very idea of “Big brother” keep such close track is totally unAmerican (perhaps it has to do with the fact we were never part of the Roman Empire, which was infamous for having a heavy handed bureaucracy). The only Americans ever required to carry “papers” were slaves (and free blacks). Not having to show your papers is as American as “apple pie.”

    I can’t see how any CONSERVATIVE or TRADITIONALIST could stomach the idea of the government having such control over people. The Arizona law is totally offensive to American tradition. It seems like something that LIBERALS who favor BIG GOVERNMENT would love.

  5. If NYC boycotts AZ in any way I will organize a boycott of NYC. Anyone who has anything bad to say about this law has serious issues. I saw that our resident libs on this blog posted their comments & of course as always they show their complete & utter ignorance to the particulars of this law which PROHIBITS pulling anyone over or stopping anyone without another reason. BTW Akruma it seems you haven’t driven, flown, or given a check in ages but we are CONSTANTLY asked for govt ID.

    I suggest you folks do the same thing I did… READ THE BILL!!

  6. Mark, if you’re being constantly asked to show government id when you drive, I think that says a lot more about you than anything else.

  7. 8, Thank you fo skewing the facts & showing your true RED colors. I was pointing out that everyday people are asked for a govt issued ID. You could be pulled over for a driving violation or IF YOU ARE FLYING.

    Read the bill! Its not a liberal democrat bill so its not 1000 pages of big govt trash. Its ONLY about ET pages!

  8. 5, You too have no clue in the world about what the bill says. The bill CLEARLY doesn’t allow profiling. It CLEARLY says you have to be pulled over for something else or there has to be ANOTHER REASON. Stop listening to people who are full of hypocrisy, b’loshon noki, on this or other issues.

  9. What a bunch of moron politicians. Isn’t anyone intellectually honest anymore? Ooops, sorry, their leftists, what can you expect?

    Let them read the bill in AZ. It clearly says that the police MUST have probable cause (a legal standard exists for probable cause) before anyone can be stopped.

    NYC should be boycotted for discriminating against the handicapped with non-NY license plates. They don’t accept handicapped placards from other states.

    This is far worse that AZ trying to protect its citizens from brutal crimes. Besides, their law mirrors sthe Federal Law that the fools in charge don’t enforce.

  10. Mark,

    I’d love to hear you explain how the guy who thinks suggesting that you’d called yourself a bad driver makes me a communist (who of course were famous for their love of open borders) is in a position to accuse someone else of skewing facts. In any event, like lots of people, I couldn’t tell you where my check book is, fly at most 3 times a year, and have needed to show id to a police officer (or anyone else) while driving exactly once in the last decade.

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