Meah Shearim Mom has Harsh Words for State Prosecutor


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The so-called Meah Shearim mom has signed the plea bargain agreement that compelled her to admit to being guilty of abusing and endangering her children, but at the same time, she will not have to serve any jail time.

Now, months after the case dominated the chareidi and secular press, both sides are commenting, with close friends of the mom, Y.E. of Meah Shearim telling the media mom has very harsh words for police and the prosecution, accusing them of treating her cruelly, citing how the state was flippant in its decision to distance a mother from her children, a decision that was extremely difficult for all involved, especially the children.

While the plea bargain agreement has made the news, the deal is enjoying far less notoriety than the banner headlines accusing the chareidi mother of abusing and placing her child in life-threatening danger.

Hadassah Medical Organization officials released an official statement to the media on Thursday, stating it is now known to all that Dr. Yair Birnbaum, the deputy director-general, was correct all along, and mom did act against her child’s interest and the hospital in no way did anything to compromise the health and well-being of “C”, despite the unfounded accusation leveled against Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital by the family and the Eida Chareidit.

Dr. Birnbaum, a shomer shabbas yid, lives in Har Nof and has been the target of nasty Edia Chareidis protests, enduring months of anguish over being labeled a “Nazi” and having his car damaged and other attacks, all in the name of the so-called false accusation made against Y.E. the Meah Shearim mom, whose name may still not be published in the media.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. While the innocent Mom has fully prevailed over the antisemites in the government who attempted to imprison her, it does not excuse the abominable behavior of either the zionists or the hospital.

  2. This is utterly ridiculous! This is no better than child molestation. This woman has a real illness called Muchausen by proxy. It is an illness where a mother harms her child in order to get attention for herself. She doesn’t do it purposely, it is a mental illness and she needs therapy and treatment. If she doesn’t get help, she will turn on another child. It is not because she doesn’t love her children, she can’t help herself.

    Calling the hospital staff liars, zionists or anything else will not help protect the children from her illness. It is a chilul Hashem to decide that they are liars and she is innocent just because you choose to support a chareidi woman. Think of the innocent children first!

  3. The best solution might be to have a fair and open trial with an independent court, a jury of one’s peers, and the right toconfront one’s accusers.

    Unfortunately, when the Brits were chased out of Palestine, they left the version of a legal system that they used in rebellious colonies, which has none of these.