UPDATED: NYPD Officer Critically Injured After Being Hit By Motorcycle


An NYPD officer is listed in critical condition at Lutheran Trauma Center Sunday morning, after getting hit by a motorcycle while chasing a possible suspect.

The officer has been identified as 31-year-old Carlos Olmado, a 4-year veteran of the NYPD.

Around 1:00 a.m., Olmado responded to a report about a stolen car in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. At some point the driver of that stolen car took off on foot.

Officer Olmado got out to chase him and was hit by a motorcycle.

The driver of the motorcycle was also hospitalized and the suspect was still on the loose.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference at Lutheran Hospital early Sunday morning.


Mayor Bloomberg’s Remarks as Delivered This Morning at Lutheran Medical Center Follow:

“Well, good morning. I am joined by Police Commissioner Kelly, Chief of Department Joe Esposito, Chief of Patrol James Hall, Chief of Brooklyn South Joe Fox, and Dr. Eli Kleinman, the NYPD Chief Medical Officer, and Deputy Chief Ruben Beltran.

“Earlier today, shortly after 1:00 AM, Police Officer Carlos Olmedo was struck by a motorcycle while chasing a suspect who was running away from a stolen car at 84th Street and 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Police Commissioner Kelly will give you the details shortly. The motorcyclist was both sober and licensed. He’s here at Lutheran Hospital being treated for injuries that we are told are not life threatening.

“Officer Olmedo is 31 years old, and has been a member of the NYPD for almost four years. He was brought here to Lutheran Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to reduce pressure on his brain. Everyone here at Lutheran is providing excellent care, but nevertheless Officer Olmedo is in very grave condition.

“I met upstairs with his mother, Margie, his wife, Abigail, his young teenage son and daughter, Carlos Junior and Aris – the baby Jeremiah is at home – and also met with his brother and sister, and many other family members.

“I tried, as Mayor and as a father, to thank them for their son’s service to the City. Crime here in the 6-2 is down 50 percent over the last nine years, and as I told his mother, Officer Olmedo’s service on the streets here for the last three has directly resulted in fewer robberies, fewer rapes, fewer assaults, burglaries and murders.

“Because of Officer Olmedo’s selfless service, thousands of people in Bensonhurt and across South Brooklyn never became victims. And while that’s exactly what people have every right to expect in the world’s greatest city, it also means that they never had reason to thank Officer Olmedo for preventing their lives from being taken and uprooted.

“Sadly, there’s no way for me to thank Officer Olmedo on their behalf this morning – not in a way that he would understand anyway.  But I was able to thank his mother, his wife and his children and the rest of his family on behalf of the thousands of New Yorkers who are living lives of everyday, ordinary lives with promise and hope because of Officer Olmedo.

“Police Commissioner Kelly will now fill in some of the details.”

KELLY: “I just think that there’s not a lot else we can say. Let’s all pray for Officer Olmedo. He is in very grave condition. He’s being treated by the best doctors that are here, and at this point I think it’s in the hands of God. But I think it’s another example of the dangers that the men and women of the NYPD face every day in going about their business to keep the rest of us safe. And there’s not a lot else to say.  I’m just grateful.”

(Source: WCBSTV / YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. I hope the officer fully recovers.

    The NYPD should be looking into the possibility that the
    encounter with the motorcycle may not have been just a random accident.

    It is not impossible that some motorcycle gang could have orchestrated this to make sure the guy being chased, would get away.

    If that turns out not to be the case that is all well and good, but they should check out, all possibilities.

  2. hereorthere: how can you say something like that about a person that you don’t even know?
    i can tell you for sure that this motorcyclist is not a part of any “gang” or anything of that kind!!! and he is siriously injured too…