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Former PM Olmert Questioned in Holyland Investigation

While former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is no stranger to police questioning, having been questioned during his tenure as prime minister a number of times; today, Tuesday, May 25th marks the first time that he did not set the time and venue. While accompanied by security, advisors and attorneys, the former prime minister had to report to Lod for questioning in the ongoing Holyland affair. He did not dictate how much time he would allot for police officials, but was told where, when to report, as with other regular citizens summoned to police.

The press was on hand when his entourage arrived in Lod on Tuesday morning, and the former PM appeared in good spirits while the sizable media delegation waited for news.

Police informed Olmert that he was being questioned ‘under caution’ which signals investigators believe an indictment is likely. Allegations suggest that Olmert received at least NIS 1 million for his role in promoting projects, with Holyland leading the list. It should be pointed out the alleged illegal payments were not made during his tenure as prime minister, but as mayor of Jerusalem and minister of industry & trade, at which time he was also responsible for Israel Lands Administration.

There are allegations that the prime minister’s brother Yossi is also involved. He was questioned for a number of hours on Tuesday and there is much speculation if police will request his remand at some point as was done with other suspects in the case.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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