Heat Wave Coming To NYC: Temp. May Hit Mid-90s


Break out the sunscreen.

Wednesday’s temperatures could inch up into the low and even mid-90s.
“We’re gonna’ have a taste of summer, at least for one day,” said Tom Kines, an AccuWeather senior meteorologist.

There’s a trade-off, though: Summer sunshine comes with the summer stickies.

“As for humidity, it won’t be oppressive, (but) compared to what we are used to so far, it is going to feel humid,” Kines said.

The heat spike will match temps we briefly saw in April, according to the National Weather Service. In fact, last month was the warmest April on record dating back to the 1800s, according to meteorologist Phil Bachmann.

The wave of warmth won’t last long. Moderate to severe thunderstorms will likely blow through on Thursday afternoon or evening brining cooler temperatures.

But consider it a small sacrifice.

Once the rain, winds and maybe even hail clears, it’ll make way for a beautiful long Memorial Day weekend of sunny skies and 70-degree weather, forecasters said.

(Source: NY Daily News)


  1. The only ones who think Summer is so great are those whio have airconditioned cars to ride in and airconditioned offices to work in where they sit down and enjoy the “sunny days” from inside after which they go home and turn on the air conditioning there.

    Those of us who have to work physical labor jobs outside or in hot humid workplaces and can’t afford air conditioning at home, do not think ” sunny skies and 70-degree weather” is so “beautiful”.

    Some of us can’t wait till it’s late Fall and the weather WE think, is beautiful and wonderful.