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Ben-Givir Petitions Court to Cancel Emanuel Bar Mitzvah

Right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Givir has petitioned the Jerusalem District Court in its capacity as an administrative court, seeking to have the Thursday bar mitzvah celebration of the son of Rahm Emanuel, explaining the site chosen is not licensed to host such an event. On Tuesday, Emanuel announced he hopes to hold the bar mitzvah event at the Jerusalem Archeological Park – Davidson Center, which Ben-Givir explained to the court that after checking with city officials, he learned the venue lacks the proper city permits to host such a catered event being that it is official archeological attraction.

Ben-Givir urged the court to rule expeditiously since the event is scheduled for Thursday, 27 May.

Ben-Givir acknowledged the significance of the guest, who is the current White House chief of staff, but stressed this is insignificant cause to ignore the law, explaining the site chosen is an archeological site, which is not licensed to host catered events. The petitioner rejects any effort to turn Davidson into a “banquet hall”.

He also stated that the East Jerusalem Development Company has no right to request payment for using the site since even a prestigious visitor cannot be permitted to use the location illegally, and permit the development company to profit from this illegal action.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Kol HaKavod to Itamar for his efforts, successful or not. His success is the hands of HKB”H, but the effort is what gives the s’char.

  2. The one who will suffer the most from these protests is Rahm’s son!

    You are right and the one causing the suffering is his father.

  3. Better be smart than right.A lot of people in Israel manifest a severe lack of “seichel” when the Americans are involved.It smacks of utter stupidity to antagonize the man who has the most to say in the present Obama Administration in general, and regarding Israel in particular.This is especially true in light of the currently strained relations between the U.S. and Israel.

  4. It IS sad if son will suffer, but MAYBE he will learn that there is more to a bar mitzvah than the “bar”.
    I know the readers of YWN know that the bar mitzvah seudah or “party” is only done to celebrate what a becoming a bar mitzvah is really all about.
    To people like Rahm Emanuel, the party IS the bar mitzvah!
    Maybe all this controversy about the “bar mitzvah” will make his son think about why people are so stirred up, and what it’s all about. It can’t make him any further from Yiddishkeit than he aleady is.

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