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Mossad Chief Briefing on Iranian Nuke Program

Addressing a session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Mossad Intelligence Agency Director Meir Dagan delivered a bit of good news, reporting Iran has encountered some snags in its nuclear program, particularly with the centrifuges, resulting in delays. It appears according to his report that the delays are considerable, and this is delaying the program, pushing off Iran’s reaching the ability to build a nuclear bomb.

He warned however that Iran is nevertheless moving ahead, committed to achieving the objective, stating that if nuclear independence is achieved, nothing will pose a threat to a nuclear Iran in the future. Dagan reports enriched uranium of 20% at present, higher than Tehran was capable of in the past.

Regarding the recent nuclear treaty signed between Iran, Brazil and Turkey, he called it “pulling a rabbit out of a hat”, a plan intended on dividing the international community regarding sanctions by the UN Security Council. He remains optimistic however, and a UN vote for sanctions in July accompanied by a congressional decision in the United States regarding trade with Iran can have a profound impact.

Reports indicate of late, Iran has begun deploying advanced equipment to enrich uranium, making the process increasingly productive and expeditious.

Some view the recent Sunday Times report that three Israel Navy subs are positioned in the Persian Gulf as more than just a coincidence. They explain the submarines, which are capable of firing missiles with nuclear warheads, are the Israeli response to Iran’s continued development of ballistic missiles and the continuous supply train of weaponry from Iran and Syria to Hizbullah.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Why is this being shared and broadcast? …the mamzerim will attempt to find source of internal intelligence leak..I realize this may sound naive…nevertheless, still do not understand why this needs to be made public

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