Old News: Rabbanut to Give Kashrus to Ship Despite Chilul Shabbos


The story is making the news once again, an old one that repeats itself from time-to-time, but unfortunately, it does not correct itself. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel continues to grant kashrus supervision to luxury liners to permit kosher cruises despite chilul shabbos, explaining the same holds true with non-shomer shabbos hotels, seeking to justify the decision.

In the past however, the kashrus supervision was pulled because of the chilul shabbos, but now, this does not appear to be a hindrance.

After the ships lost the hechsher, they did not cease to operate, but simply continued without a hechsher. Now it appears the Rabbinate feels that the decision may have been counterproductive since they could give a hechsher on weekdays and prevent people from possibly eating prohibited items. Different options are being investigated, including a hechsher from Sunday through Thursday, something that has been done in the past in unique situations, a decision that demands special logistical realities to implement regarding dishes and many other aspects of the kashrus.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I do not know how they can make sure that no foods or dishes from the section with the hescher would never be mixed on shabbos whenthere is no hescher.
    The same people are working in the same kitchen with the same dishes and foods on Shabbos as on weekdays.

    It would be like giving a hescher to Mc Donalds for a few hours on Wednsday, when it’s just a regular treif place the rest of the week.