Greenfield: ‘Councilman Barron is Anti-Semite Of Highest Order’


Just after hearing the anti-Semitic remarks by NYC Councilman Charles Barron, in which he compared the IDF Navy blockade on the Gaza Strip to Holocaust concentration camps, NYC Councilman David Greenfield fired back in the following statement released to YWN:

“As the grandson of holocaust survivors, who also represents the largest community of Holocaust survivors in America, I am shocked, disgusted and outraged by Councilman Charles Barron’s absurd comparison of Gaza to Nazi concentration camps,” said Greenfield. “Barron proves once again that he is an anti-Semite and racist of the highest order.”

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Very well put Councilman!

    The comparison is indeed shocking and completely absurd. As I wrote to the original article:

    “Finally, get one thing straight (Mr.) Barron; the German concentration camps were extermination camps!! There is absolutely NO comparison between the diabolical, direct, intentional murderous activities that the Nazis carried out every day in those camps during World War II and the legal blockade that Israel is enforcing in Gaza. The innocent Palestinians are suffering only due to the stubborn refusal of their leaders to recognize Israel’s right to exist and come to the negotiation table.”

    Thanks for calling a spade a spade!


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