Meah Shearim Moves Ahead With Boycott of Electra


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Asra Kadisha and the Eida Chareidis began targeting Electra with threats of a boycott a number of weeks ago, as was reported by YWN-ISRAEL since the electronic company giant is the owner of a company involved in the Jaffa excavations involving ancient burial locations.

An ultimatum was given to Electra officials that failure to order a halt in the project would result in a chareidi community boycott of the company’s products immediately. It was felt the threat would carry weight since a main product of Electra is air conditioners, and askanim felt the company would not want to lose the chareidi market ahead of the summer.

It appeared that senior management decided to back down and halt the excavations, but today, Sunday, June 13, 2010, excavations at the Jaffa site were renewed. An announcement to officially launch the boycott is expected in Yerushalayim sometime on Sunday afternoon.

Some of the rabbonim involved point out that in the case of Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital, while Asra Kadisha and Gedolei HaDor Shlita opposed the building of the emergency rooms by transferring bones, they said supporters at least could argue ‘pikuach nefesh’ but here, with Electra, this is simply chilul kevarim for profit, a plain real estate venture, nothing more.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. A boycott is not the same as demonstrations, and doesn’t take time out of Seder.
    To the contrary, it is a legitimate financial protest against a company that is trampling on religious sensitivities.

  2. To #1 and #2, if it was your great grandfather’s grave that they were excavating, would you say the same thing?

    Just because you do not know who the deceased are does not mean that they are insignificant.

  3. #1 and #2 – They are protecting the bones of YOUR ancestors that are getting dug up !!! You obviously couldn’t give a hoot …..

  4. to the above two commentators – seems to me they are involved in something more worthwhile than put downs.
    everyone has something that pushes their buttons. i personally support such action. if kavod hames does not ‘push your button’ .. than i guess you might find it a waste of time. but what would you suggest?

  5. #1 & #2 You are right! Busy Liberals have no time for such things, they are busy boycotting BP for the accident that happened!

  6. #1 & #2 I would really appreciate if one of you can explain why in this case you consider it a waste of time. “Seriously”,(as you quote), do you not beleive in tchiyas hameisim and in the issur of chilul kvorim, on which ALL gedolei hador came out very sharply in the last generation? I’m sorry but I don’t get you. Isn’t this part of our Torah?

  7. Hello everyone. Sorry about that- i did not read the end of the article, which explicitly states that there is no purpose to the excavations.
    However, I stand by what i said.
    Number 1: is there any proof whatsoever that the graves are of jewish origin? Just curious- not being sarcastic in any way. If yes, then i completely agree with the boycott.
    Number 2: do any of you on Yeshiva World truthfully think that this with only result in a boycott? No…i think, as many of you probably know, that this outcome will result in a massive Chillul Hashem, involving dumpsters being burned (for no apparent reason) and gross destruction of both private and public property.

    answer that truthfully…

    And in case you are wondering, I am a completely frum jew, but i am sick and tired of reading what goes on day in and day out in the charedi community.

    There has been enough of Chillul Hashem. Why don’t we have a peaceful boycotts to show our views, rather than Sinas Chinum….

    Just answer me that. I have lost all hope in Eida after what happened with the hospital. That, in my opinion, is not Jewish behavior.


    To summarize- I have absolutely no issue with a boycott; it’s what happens almost inevitably that I can’t agree with.

    “Seriously, don’t they have anything better to do with their time???” may have not expressed what I truly feel, and for that I am sorry.

    But now you know. Please…someone answer my post in a respectable way as I am right now, and tell me what to think about the charedi community, and the Eida in particular.

    Thank you.

  8. #10 –
    “Why don’t we have a peaceful boycotts to show our views, rather than Sinas Chinum”
    Um, if a financial boycott isn’t peacful, what is? And by btw, the Eidah has never supported burning anything.