WARNING – Missionary Literature Mailed To Frum Homes In Brooklyn


YWN has been flooded with emails in the past few hours, with people reporting that they recieved missionary literature in the mail.

The following is just a sample of an email recieved by YWN from a reader in the Flatbush area. (We have recieved reports from Boro park as well.)

Dear YWN,

I found in my mailbox a package containing a book entitled Ten Amazing Jews – They Thought For Themselves. I was surprised to find a free full sized book in the mail, and the title was intriguing. Fortunately, I recognized the name of the author, Sid Roth. He is a well known person in the “Jews For J” group.

This book on first glance appears to contain many Jewish references, and may be misconstrued as being a legitimate Jewish book. Make no mistake. A slightly deeper look makes it crystal clear that the books purpose is to spread the sick agenda of “Jews For J”!

Don’t misjudge the book by its cover and, chalila, give it to a child to read, or even leave it in your Jewish home!

It belongs, after shredding, in the garbage!

If I received this book, I’m sure hundreds or perhaps thousands of others did too, or will in the near future.

Please be on the look out and don’t let this poison in your home!


  1. it was quoted in hamodia by a writer to the editor.

    everyone should realize they’re doing a mitzvah when they destroy it and destroy it berabim with much simcha

  2. I received this in Lakewood months ago. Instead of trashing it, put it back in the envelope, tape it back up, and write “Return To Sender”. Everyone should do this and flood them with their own sewage.

  3. I received this in Monsey about month ago, or maybe more. It was not at all obvious what the book was about….until I started reading it…

  4. The garbage that sent this book has not broken any laws. Their right to do this is protected under the first amendment. Upon receipt, mark the package “return to sender” and they will have to pay the return postage. While this may be an insignifcant amout per book. the total could make a real difference in their financial health.

  5. Dont return to sender. First of all, postage probably costs less than a copy of the book. And even if it doesn’t you’re not allowed to give them the book back- imagine what they’ll do with it- they’ll just send it to another innocent family.
    I once bought a book online, and then realized that it was completely assur to read, and my Rav paskened that I was not allowed to return it, lest they sell it to another yid.

  6. It’s reached Edison/Highland Park too – it was mailed to me in April.

    The obvious dishonesty in it is infuriating – it quotes a “Rabbinical Yeshiva Student” as saying, chas v’shalom, that the only reason he’s in Yesiva is to please his father -that he doesn’t believe in the Jewish religion.

    I didn’t read the trash – but I opened it to a random page to verify it was what it appeared to be – what made me suspicious out of the gate was it’s being published in Georgia by an alien publisher.

    Does anyone have a constructive idea on how to publicize this in an organized way?

  7. BS”D

    Burn, baby, burn. Ubearto hara bekirbecho! Don’t throw it out intact as sadly there are those among us who are so alienated or rebellious they may actually read this dwek and take it seriously with disastrous consequences.

    Sadly it happened to a young man I know of who was never able to deal with a personal tragedy. Eventually, after becoming involved with this, he left this world under very unclear and unpleasant circumstances L”A.

  8. An afterthought – How did this Roth rasha get our names and addresses? If an effort was undertaken to compare what publications we all receive, and what mailing lists we are on . . . I wonder if we’d discover that these rashoim somehow got access to a frum mailing list. This makes me boil!