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Maran Rav Shteinman To Lead Prison March: Preparations In Full Swing

Agudas Yisrael leaders and askanim are busying themselves with preparations for Thursday’s (June 17th) prison march, the escort for the Emanuel Beis Yaakov parents that will take place simultaneously in Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim. The following information is accurate at 4:30pm Israel time, but as meetings continue changes are to be expected.

Gedolei Torah Shlita are quoted in pashkavilim seen in chareidi communities in Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak as endorsing the marches, and some sources are already stating with confidence that Maran Rosh Yeshiva, R’ Shteinman Shlita will be present in Bnei Brak.

The Bnei Brak prison march will get underway at 1:30pm from Rav Landau Street at the corner of Chazon Ish Street. All community rabbonim in Bnei Brak are expected to be present organizers report. Degel HaTorah official Avraham Rubinstein is playing a major role in arranging the event. From R’ Landau the procession will head to Nechemia Street, Ben Yaakov, and Ben Dovid, where parents will enter vehicles to be driven to Yerushalayim to join the march there.

Meetings are underway in Bnei Brak at this time for what may be an extremely large and emotional event, predicting “tens of thousands” and the police permits have already been granted.

Tonight at 9:00pm, the Slonimer Rebbe Shlita will deliver words of chizuk to his tzibur in Emanuel, particularly the parents heading for prison tomorrow, Thursday. There may also be other events Wednesday night, to be announced if and when they are finalized.

In Yerushalayim, the event is expected to begin at 1:30pm, but officials are still awaiting police approval. It will begin on Shamgar Street, heading to Yirmiyahu, Bar Ilan and the Russian Compound detention center. It remains unclear if talmidei torah will take part, but rabbonim are calling on the greater adult tzibur to attend.

In the meantime, the Agudah office on Press Street is abuzz, as Deputy Minister Meir Porush is engaged in endless meetings and phone calls surrounding the High Court jail sentence for the Emanuel Beis Yaakov parents. The command center at that location is being manned by Zaka founder/director Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, who as the former Eida Chareidit operations officer has a wealth of experience in these matters.

Organizers are presently predicting in excess of 50,000 people taking part in the prison marches.

Some of the possibilities being discussed include a major tent set up for shabbos outside Beersheva Prison, where the Slonimer Rebbe and chassidim will spend shabbos in solidarity with the parents.

According to some of the notices being circulated, Maran Rav Elyashiv Shlita is calling for protests in Europe and the United States too.

NOTE: For articles about the Emanuel school crisis, click HERE to view the YWN archives, or feel free to use the search box located at the top left of the YWN homepage. While many people have not been paying attention to this story, YWN Israel has been posting dozens and dozens of articles on this topic since the incident started a few months ago.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. very simple solution…
    don’t take government funding and u can have private schools and have more say in who you accept and don’t accept..
    regardless the chariedi school system is in a downward spiral…. the kids come out illiterate in secular and torah…
    Americans don’t realize the schools here are not like Chaim Berlin, Torah Temimah, Chofetz Chaim, Ner Israel YULA etc…In American schools the kids come out with ability to go to college and become professionals.. without private tutoring and without allot of extra work from home the kids in this system come out knowing as close to nothing as possible…
    Misrad Hachinuch has to manage education as the chariedi system is not capable of educating..
    FYI Chareidi America is NOT Chareidi Israel…. Charedi Israel is extremely fanatic and close minded and in denial of reality..

  2. Is there any way I can donate money for the fines and lawyer expenses. It’s the least I can do for these Kidoshim.

  3. To are totally in the dark. You are right that the chinuch in chadorim and yeshivos don’t stress secular education but the boys that do go for a career are the smartest boys. They get top jobs.

  4. RamatShilo,

    Misrad Hachinuch is far from having proven their skill at managing education. Look at the statistics of Israeli students relative to the rest of the Western world.
    Also, don’t generalize re Chareidi education – there are schools where the products are Mamash top-notch. But via the biased press here we only hear about the failures.

  5. KosherKid – what ELEMENTARY school in Israel is top notch?
    when you get to high school you have good schools, Nahorah, Maravah, Machon Lev, etc etc etc… but these schools are not really attended by chareidim…they are attended by “chardal” type.. the typical “black and white” boy is very poorly educated and to large degree being led by the blind…. another important thing is that the “gedolim” are often led by the blind and or people with alternate motives.. i know first hand of such a case with Reb Elyashiv where a notice was put out regarding a girls high school that supposedly the Rav banned because they did bagrut…when a friend who had a daughter in the school went to speak with reb elyashiv the truth was brought out that reb elyashiv was not given accurate information lchatchilya the school continued to give bagrut thought they modified the curriculum slightly to appease the Rav… another case is the recent graves in ashkelon– the graves were NON jews, and even in the small chance case that they were jews they were moved under halacha. however people people with an agenda and looking for fights worked up the uneducated and informed them that jewish body’s were being shoveled up and moved which was a complete lie…
    this lie caused a chilul hashem and fighting and caused the state million plus sheqel in theft (damage to police cars, street lights etc)

  6. The Ge”ula is getting closer & closer as Klal yisroel is being tested more often with harder & harder Nisyonos (tests) of faith in Hashem. with this happening now we can see the peoples Mesiras Nefesh for Hashem & yiddishkeit May Hashem give them chizzuk & may this be a kiddush hashem for people who stand up for torah

  7. To ramat shilo: you obviously are not chareidi and you don’t understand our beliefs. Our gedolim are NOT being led by the blind. They know exactly what they are doing. “Ki heim chayeinu etc” is our motto. Our goal in chinuch is to try to make sure that all our children live a torah way of life. To be a ben torah. Now, not everyone is cut out to sit in kollel for the rest of their lives so eventually when needed and the time is right a yungerman will go out to school, get a career or start a business. Till then our objective is to educate ourselves in a way that if and when a yungerman goes to work he will stay a ben torah. This is why we don’t stress secular education in the elementary and high school years. But, you should know as a matter of fact that the yungerman that does go to work is well prepared for the work force. Unfortunately, you have no hadracha. You don’t have any gedolim with whom you can confer.

  8. You can for sure donate!

    EDITED BY MODERATOR: Feel free to post an organizations phone number here. No personal email addresses allowed.

  9. There is no use comparing our educational systems to the secular, ours is obviously better. But we do have our flaws and the sinat chinam towards people who are a bit different then us is one of them.
    The Tanakh is full of stories of Gedolim who made mistakes, we can just add this one time to the list.

  10. RamatShilo – Even if you’re defining top-notch by the secular education, there still are elementary schools which compare very favorably to the non-religious schools – particularly in Math. And if we define it as a Chareidi would, there are elementary schools which produce graduates who are fluent in Tanach and Mishnayot, and a have good start on Shas. These are the success stories that are rarely reported on in the press, which is generally looking for sensationalism and ways to put Chareidim (and indeed all Datiim) down.

  11. gemarah,chumush etc maybe… that’s not my argument..
    a parents job is to give his child the tools to succeed in 2010 not in 1900… it might not be ideal but in today’s day you NEED an education to succeed… when my sons rebbe sends a note home with horrible spelling mistakes it makes me cringe with embarrassment..
    its every parents responsibility to give their child the torah and secular studies ones child needs to succeed.. a parent who doesn’t do that is condemning his kid to shnoring and being a leach to society.
    The Israeli chariedi world is turning out thousands of kids who have no future… they aren’t all gdolim who are going to learn all day and yet they don’t do army so they cant work on the books.. and even if they can get a “ptur” most do not have any skill(s) to offer…
    so in turn they cause trouble and or become dependant on the same government they scream all day against…
    talk about irony.. the answer is system like Marava and nahora etc.. schools that offer a rock solid Torah and secular education.. if the israeli system looked at the success of the American system they would be offering a service to their talmidim…

  12. Ramat Shilo – 16,000,000 Jews in world. Maybe 20,000 – 30,000 kollel worldwide (very rough estimate – please correct if wrong). Do you want to wipe out everyonelearning ? Who will be your children’s teacher, principal, mohel, shochet, rav, mashgiach, sofer, etc..etc…and everything else YOU and the rest of your ilk take for granted ??? Certainly it is not the Jewish Doctors and lawyers and other professionals….It disturbs me how you are out of touch with our world but feel a need to comment on our sites….

  13. sechel hayashar –
    You wrote “the yungerman that does go to work is well prepared for the work force.”
    Give me a break.
    If a fellow wants to sit and learn his whole life, Kol HaKavod. Kol Hakavod IF he is willing to live a kollel life style, getting by on the barest minuimums of EVERYTHING gashmiyusdik-wise.
    BUT the many who learn full time for 5 to 10 years and THEN realize they and/or their wives can’t or don’t want to live that way anymore, or maybe their money source has dried up, – they are up the proverbial creek! What is a guy who is maybe 35 years old, with a wife and 4 or 5 or 6 kids, who has been learning his whole life able to do in the work force?
    He can’t even afford to go back to school because who will pay for the school, and who will pay to support his family even if he finds a way to go to school?
    At best he will have to then ask support from others,- individuals, organizations, THE GOVERNMENT, to help him find a way to mefarness himself and his family.
    Don’t attack “RamatShilo”, he is just stating the facts of life. It is people like him, I’m sure, that rabbanim turn to to help bail out the kollelniks who can’t pay their bills!

  14. Should the State be allowed to make decisions on Chinuch when it finds the practices of a particular school to be objectionable – No. Should it be required to fund it – again, No.

    One doesn’t have to be a genius to recognize that this issue does not sell well. Most Israelis including many religious and yes some Charedim will tell you that what they have seen looks real bad.
    I read a claim from the litigating party that a play took place where the Azhkenazi children played the Makabim and the Sefardim played the Yivanim. I would expect the School to sue them for slander and character assassination and if they choose not to, then I accept this as true. If true, a great crime was done to our Torah to allow the Gedolai Hatorah to support this.

  15. AinOhd – the reason they learned for 5-10 years before thinking about working was because the State wouldn’t allow them to join the workforce before then, as they hadn’t served in the army. A classic catch-22.
    RamatShilo – If one would copy the American model, there should be many more trade type schools (like COPE) set up where an Avreich can quickly learn a skill that can be profitable, e.g. carpentry (where I am aware of such a program). The thinking skills learned in Gemora also have been shown to translate well for those who want to enter the computer field. Participation in these programs would be considered proper Hishtadlus, creating a conduit for Hashem to provide their families with Parnasa.

  16. kosherkid – what you say is very nice except for one problem…
    In many chareidi circles, joining the workforce and/or learning ANYTHING other than Torah is looked down upon, so it’s not that they’d join the workforce if they could.
    Even now, one of the big fights is about school curriculum. All the chareidi schools want to teach is Torah, even to the exclusion of basics like mathematics.

  17. AinOhd – The fight is about who sets the curriculum. There are some Chareidi schools that have secular studies, most often math, language skills, and possibly science, and some schools that don’t. But none want Misrad Hachinuch to tell them that they have to study i.e. Arab history, or even how many hours of math they should offer. And with Misrad Hachinuch’s ‘success’ rate (B’loshon Sagi Nohor), who in their right mind would want them to?
    Re joining the workforce, make up your mind – do they want to join the workforce, but aren’t qualified, or they don’t want to because it’s frowned upon?

  18. I dont understand what people like AinOhd and RamatShilo are writing. Why do you sound so resentful toward “chareidim”? I personally am not a pro “kollel for all” person and believe that probably about 90% of guys should be working the larger part of the day, but seriously: what happened to your respect?? Are you so concerned about your kids so called education, that you will go ahead and insult schools that are teaching jewish kids Torah? Have you forgotten what is important? Why do you think getting a good eduation automatically leads to success? People with degrees can’t find jobs these days, and people without degrees are business owners and making a living. Because that is what G-d sent them. And G-d is the one who wants our kids to be learning Torah. Period.

  19. To #19 – I am not resentful toward chareidim AT ALL. Although perhaps you might not agree, I am chareidi myself, or perhaps more accurately charda”l.
    The point is, the chareidi community can’t have it both ways, i.e. be extremely vocally anti the state (not that I don’t oppose MUCH of what they do myself, but as an INsider, not an OUTsider) in EVERY way, and YET at the same time make demands on a state they don’t recognize for all kinds of financial aid.
    To #18 – I did not say they want to join the work force, another commenter did. What I said is, that to wake up at 35 years of age or so, when you already have a large family, and have learned ONLY Torah your whole life and NOTHING else, and THEN realize you want to get a job, – you are going to be in a major problem.
    The interesting thing is, that in America it is a Litvish thing to just sit and learn and not work. In America, chasidim WORK. In Eretz Yisrael, where they don’t, is where we have this problem arising.

  20. Kosher kid- You wrote: “There are some Chareidi schools that have secular studies, most often math, language skills, and possibly science, and some schools that don’t”

    Absolute nonsense. People who think that Chareidim in Israel are like people in Brooklyn are deluding themselves. There is not even ONE officially accepted Chareidi high school that has ANY secular studies at all. In fact, in Ramat Beit Shemesh a new yeshiva is opening in Elul that will be a yeshivish high school with math, English and Hebrew, and there have been pashkevilim plastered all over the country and even on the front page of Yated Neeman saying it’s “poretz geder.” The official Chareidi establishment in E”Y is 100% against boys learning ANY limudei chol after eighth grade.

    Don’t try to pretend that the issue is about teaching “Arab history” or Greek philosophy for that matter. It’s about the basics- math, English and Hebrew grammar-(which are already being taught in Bais Yaakov high schools using 100% appropriate books and materials).

    Either you don’t live in Eretz Yisroel (I do)or you are purposefully trying to trick people.

  21. how can u say misrad hachinuch system doesnt work–while it might not be perfect look at the results…
    go to Hertzilya or Tel Aviv Or Kiryat Gat to the the high tech fields… look at who is staffing them and coming up with new inventions and creatign high tech startups…its all data leumi and chiloni… not charedi– want to know why? bec the chareidim are not being educated…
    Like i said in past…for those special boys who will become the next gedolim learn 24/7..everyone else should be learning and receiving a solid education…

  22. #10 – “The Tanakh is full of stories of Gedolim who made mistakes, we can just add this one time to the list.”
    One problem – the Torah was written by Hashem, not by man. But who do you think you are to decide when the Gedolim make a mistake?! Do you think you are smarter than they are? How long have you spent checking the facts behind this case? To say somebody made a mistake you need to be greater than they are, and while Hashem may fit the bill somehow I don’t think you do.

    19 – Very well said. I could not agree more.

  23. We are a nation that follows Gedolei Torah. Our leaders are Maran Harav Elyashiv, Maran Shteinman, Hagaon Rav Chaim kanievsky, Rav Moshe Sternbuch, the Slonimer Rebbe, the Gerrer Rebbe, just to name a few of the greatest leaders of our generation. We are small people, we have no place to give our “opinion” of what should or shouldnt happen. that is NOT the Torah way at all. This is one of the greatest chances in the history of the last 60 years to be mekadesh shem shamayim beRabim, to show that Daas Torah rules and not a SECULAR Israeli government or court system that gives Torah no place at all.
    all the above and almost every other gadol beyisroel has declared their staunch support of the Emanuel parents and of their representing us, the entire Chareidi community who is only aiming to be Mekadesh Shem Shamayim
    3)these gedolim have sent out their chassidim, and I mean chassidim as followers litvish, ashkenazi and yes, even sephardi to collect money on behalf of the parents for they are representing the fight for US ALL, EVEN THOSE OF US IN AMERICA….!!!!!!! THIS IS A FIGHT FOR THE CHINUCH OF OUR CHILDREN

    a nation that is ready to walk proudly into prison in order to Do the Will of Hashem and to follow the words of our Leaders.

  24. We all know that for Hagaon Rav A.Leib Shteinman, for rav Chaim Kanievsky for rav Y. Shalom Elyashiv Shlita every single minute is calculated and there is not even a second of bitul Torah
    AND YET-
    If Rav Chaim Kanievsky will be giving his precious time, to come all the way, to escort the kedoshim, who will be dressed in their Bigdei Shabbos as they were instructed to do, to the prison along with hundreds of thousands of Jews who wish to be a part of this massive scale Kidush shem shamayim, then there are no more words left for us to say.
    We have Torah leaders.
    And theirs is the final word.
    we are small people with limited vision but they rav Elyashiv, rav Shternbuch, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, the Slonimer Rebbe – THEY are great people who have a vision far greater than what any of us can see.
    they have announced that they too will be there and have encouraged Kol Chared Dvar Hashem to come and take part of this mitzvah that Rabbi Akiva declared he longed for all his life, to be Mekesh Shem Shamayim.
    Utzu Eita Vesufar dabru Davar Velo Yakum

  25. RamatShilo, your own spelling and punctuation could use considerable improvement.As for AinOhdMilvado, if your log-in name refers to Hashem,I strongly recommmend your getting a different name, as you spout some values that are anti-Torah.

  26. Reality check – I live in Eretz Yisroel, and am very familiar with the Chareidi school system here. Your problem is that you define any school with secular studies as non-Chareidi. I would suggest that you speak with a true Godol about this issue, and not live your life based on posters.

    Ramat Shilo – The Israeli high-tech field is full of Olim from Anglo countries, Russia, etc. Of the Israelis who innovate, there are Chareidim as well and their numbers are increasing – unless you also define a Chareidi who works as non-Chareidi.

  27. Kosher kid-
    Nice try. I don’t have a problem, I could care less about posters, and after speaking with many rabbanim, I am planning to send my son iy”H to the new yeshiva WITH secular studies. I am simply stating the FACT that such schools are considered to be “poretz geder” by the Chareidi establishment. Don’t pretend otherwise. Let’s hear you name ONE high school that is both sanctioned by the Chareidi establishment and has ANY secular studies. Having trouble? Hmm… I wonder why. Maybe because THERE ISN’T ONE! And don’t try naming Maarava, which was put in cherem by Rav Schach and is still officially in cherem according to all mainstream Israeli Chareidim- as per the official Yated Neeman editorial which stated clearly that ANY limudei chol in yeshiva ketana (Israeli high school) is against the “mesorah”.

  28. To Webster #26 –
    The Torah says “shayshet yamim ta’aseh melachtecha.”
    A HUGE portion of the Torah she’be’ktav and she’ba’al peh relate to planting and harvesting crops and MANY other work related issues.
    So, is it “anti-Torah” to say people need to work to support themselves? Is it “anti-Torah” to say people need to train to learn HOW to do something to work AT?!?
    Or… is it just “anti-Torah” to disagree with YOU?
    –And… By the way, I happen to know “RamatShilo” personally. He is a very special ben Torah, baal chesed extraordinaire, AND a genius! Is it a p’gam in his frumkeit that it bothers him when he sees so many chareidim that can’t support their families because they were never properly educated to do so.
    If his punctuation is off, it’s probably because he thinks much faster than he can type. You really should find someone else to criticize! Klal Yisrael could use many more like him!

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