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Chareidim in Israel Police, Prison Authority?

The daily Yisrael HaYom reveals a plan is in the works towards enlisting chareidim into the ranks of Israel Police, Israel Prison Authority and the war on drugs. Participants in the program will be eligible in receiving the same rights as IDF veterans.

Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich is seeking to formulate a plan that will bring 50 chareidim into the force, to serve in their own communities. He envisions deploying them in administrative positions, criminal forensics, drivers and other non-combatant posts.

In the prison service, he sees them deployed in the computer areas, K-9 areas (taking care of the dogs), assisting in administrative tasks and religious services.

The report states behind the scene talks with rabbonim are ongoing and they are being most supportive.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

4 Responses

  1. With all this new employment within the Torah-observant community, what will the less observant Israelis blame them for – helping to decrease crime and drugs? May they will even have the audacity to bring it down to the levels of the religious schools.

  2. Why not in the actual police force? Maybe then they’ll act like humans and thereaby be supported by the chareidi public!

  3. Keep dreaming. If you think Chareidisha yidden are going to sit in the police dog pound cleaning and baby sitting dogs you must be dead drunk. After what the Israeli secular governments ongoing attacks against Torah Jewry,and then trying to appease them with dog kennel jobs,thats Israeli chutzpah. Just in the last year alone how many issues this chiloni government has degraded our communities. It started with the now yearly Toeva parade where they spent 3 million dollars on overtime to protect 1200 Toeva marchers for 3 blocks. They opened the Karta parking lot as a means to encourage more secular Israelis to visit Jerusalem and slowly diminish the Shabbos spirit. They opened new stores that sell traif Friday nights as a means of attracting chilonim. They opened now the first Jerusalem beach as a way of attracting the secular tourists. They discontinued the financial aid to kollel students studying Torah.THEY ARE NOW IN THE PROCESS OF DRAFTING ALL CHAREIDI youth as a way to corrupt their yiddishkeit and put them at risk. They locked up innocent parents and tore them away from their children and babies,putting these kids at a major risk spiritually.The goal of the Israeli government is to destroy Torah Judaism. The digging of the graves was a way for people of less faith to lose the emunah in techias hameisim. These heretics sit all day thinking of how to destroy Torah Judaism. They destroyed the yemenite children by seperating them from their parents. Youngsters are not strong enough to argue questions of faith with these seasoned older heretics and apikorsim.Imagine now,ships are on the way from Iraq and other moslem countries but the Israeli secular government has manpower of 10 thousand police to arrest a handful of harmless frum yidden. The 700 terrorists on the flattilo boats were let go in one day with free plane tickets even though they attacked and hurt Israel soldiers. But frum yidden are torn from their crying children and forced into jails two weeks. The time has come for religious Jews to arise. We need to warn the Israeli government that it is mostly orthodox Jews that vote for pro Israeli politicians. The secular Jews are going lost and actually have turned anti Israel on most college campuses. If you mess with our orthodox brothers and sisters we will react.There will be no 3 billion dollars yearly from America if you cut off funding to frum yidden.They would never cut funding for Arabs or even think of drafting them. As far as frum Jews in the army we must be very careful.In 1973 yom kippur war on the first day 500 mostly frum yeshiva hesder boys were killed. WHY? Because the secular leadership wanted to show the world that we got attacked first unlike the six day war. They used the frum soldiesr as cannon fodder. You can not trust this government not on a spiritual level nor with a physical level with your childrens lives.

  4. Why not in regular tasks???

    I don’t know of ANY country other than Israel, where only veterans of the military can become (real) police officers or prison guards. There is absolutely no such rule anywhere in Europa.

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