Shteinitz: Unemployment in Chareidi & Arab Sectors a Catastrophe


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Minister of Finance Dr. Yuval Shteinitz commented on the high unemployment rates in the chareidi and Arab sectors, warning if something major is not done to bring these sectors into the workplace, the result will be “a catastrophe”. The senior minister made his remarks during the opening session of the 18th Caesarea Forum.

The minister spoke of the 22 + 2 plan, in which an avreich who is 22 and is married with two children would receive an automatic exemption from military service to permit him to enter the workplace. Today, according to the Tal Law, he would have to continue learning until age 31 or serve in the army. If he opts to continue learning, he may not join the workforce.

Senior advisor to the minister, Dr. Avi Simchon explained there is a group among the chareidim who are willing to live in poverty if that is what it takes to sit and learn ten hours daily. “They don’t mind being poor”.

“The problem is that the Arabs and chareidim are rapidly becoming a majority in the nation, and in 40 years, the majority will not be Zionists and they will be able to change things like the national anthem and the flag”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. oy, vey. what problems…the chareidim might change the anthem and the flag…! Let’s kick them out of kollel so we can hold on to our flag….LOL !!! Chabibi, WHEN we become the majority Moshiach will come and only flag you’ll need is the flag of the Torah….

  2. that sounds like a gr8 plan. a lot of avreichim dont go to work because they are afraid of being drafted even though for whatever reasons they are ready to stop learning. if it would be made easier to get jobs, it can only help.

    i do wonder why they care so much. many avreichim are not citizens but are here on student visas and as such are not using govermnent money anyway.