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NYC Rent Guidelines Board Mulls Hikes as Tenants Await Refunds

The Rent Guidelines Board votes tonight on how much to jack up rent for rent-stabilized apartments — a meeting that usually erupts in a loud fight as tenant advocates battle to keep rent increases as low as possible.

Last year, housing advocates pushed for a rent freeze. They want the same thing this year because of the continued economic troubles and high unemployment rates.

In May, the Rent Guidelines Board, which regulates rent adjustments for city apartments, lofts and hotel apartments, voted to consider rent hikes of between 2 percent and 4 percent for one-year leases, and 4 percent to 6 percent for two-year leases.

Tonight, the board meets for their final vote on the matter.

Meanwhile, nearly 300,000 tenants of rent-regulated apartments are now owed refunds. On Tuesday, a court ruled the city illegally hiked rents for tenants who lived in their rent-regulated apartments for more than six years and paid less than $1,000 a month by forcing them to pay a supplemental increase of between $45 and $85.

The Rent Guidelines Board, however, is expected to appeal that ruling.

(Source: NBC New York)

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  1. Since Orthodox Jews are more likely to produce “new” families (i.e. children who grow up and need to find housing) than almost any other group, New Yorks rent control laws hurt our community. The beneficiary of the policy are older family groups who in effect are getting housing that is subsidized by the higher rates paid by the younger families who are not so privileged.

    The best policy from a frum perspective would be to abolish all forms of rent control, and to change New York laws to encourage residential construction.

  2. #1: New York City, under Mayor Bloomberg, has indeed encouraged construction. Look at all the new (bland) condo/apartment brick boxes that have sprouted up all over the area.

    Rent Stabilization is not only for people who have lived there for 40 years. It applies to the next tenant who moves into that apartment as well, and these “Orthodox Jews who are likely to produce new families” are also likely candidates for these apartments which are essentially open market other than the rent amount.

    If rent control were abolished, I believe that there would not be a single unit for rent for under $1500 and most significantly higher, based on what the private market charges. If that’s what you think new families can afford then I’d like to know that secret.

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