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A Fatal Struck Pedestrian and a Tragic Story

All injuries and loss of life R”L resulting from motor vehicle accidents are tragic, but this case is particularly heart-breaking, when the driver and the victim were both friends, classmates too, as are the fathers.

Many neighbors, friends and family members were on hand at the Ron home in Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion, seeking to somehow console the family after 15-year-old Amitai was killed, struck by a vehicle near Gush Etzion Junction, not far from home.

The levaya for Amitai z”l was held on Sunday, at the area Beis HaChayim. He was the son of Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Justice Alexander Ron. Mr. Ron told the media that while heartbroken, he does not blame the driver, a 24-year-old resident of nearby Efrat (whose name is not being reported by YWN-ISRAEL), the son of IDF Colonel and also a judge on a military court of appeals.

The fathers are long-time friends and colleagues, and in their younger days, studied together in the Gush. “I am not angry, just a great deal of pain” stated Justice Ron.

It appears the charges against the young driver will be less than death due to vehicular negligence as traffic investigators are not blaming him with reckless driving. He also has a clean driving record but police point out that nonetheless, a life was taken.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Very sad story…
    Btw Israel doesn’t have the death penalty except for Nazi war crimes so no matter what the case was he wouldn’t get the death penalty.

  2. Correction: Amitai was not a classmate of the driver who ran him over. The driver told police that he had been distracted briefly with something in the car and had not realized that his car had drifted to the shoulder where Amitai was struck.

    The Rav of our shul who spoke at the funeral talks about holding a steering wheel as the same thing as holding a loaded weapon. Probably a good idea for everyone to be more completely focused on driving when we’re holding the wheel.

  3. The question here is there Galuth for the one that killed unintentionally, if he is a Cohen, can do Nethiath Capaim?

    Most opinions say that a car accident doesn’t disqualify the Cohen

    yesterday was the Siyum Mesecheth Makoth
    that deals with the topic and concludes with the Nechomo of Binyam Hamjkdash

    Hashem Yerachem

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