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Christian President Marries Jewish Congressman to Moslem Political Aide on Shabbos

Former President Bill Clinton officiated Saturday at the interfaith wedding of Representative Anthony D. Weiner and his bride, Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to the Associated Press.

The 45-year-old Weiner is Jewish; Abedin,34, is Muslim and grew up in Saudi Arabia. The Weiners exchanged vows at Oheka Castle.

Weiner is a longtime supporter of Secretary Clinton, and until now, one of the most eligible bachelors on Capitol Hill.

Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna said President Clinton was authorized to perform the nuptials, but didn’t elaborate.

The new Mrs. Weiner had been dating the congressman — who represents Brooklyn and Queens — for about two years. They announced their engagement last summer.

Meanwhile, July has turned into the month for weddings for the Clintons. Former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton, will marry childhood sweetheart and longtime boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky July 31 on Martha’s Vineyard off the Massachusetts coast.

(Source: WPIX)

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  1. The rumor that Congressman Weiner’s mother is not Jewish is false and was started by his opponent in his race for Congress exactly because “Anthony” is an unusual name. However, it is a fact that Congressman Weiner is 100% a yid.

    I agree with YWN’s decisions to repost this popular story because Congressman Weiner represents the largest frum community in America. What’s more, in front of Jewish crowds he always plays up how “heimishe” he is. It’s important to note that this Jewish Congressman – who could probably date anyone in the world – chose to marry outside of the faith. That is a classic chilul hashem.

  2. Let this be a strong lesson to all. Assuming his mother was jewish, this is NOTHING to be proud of. There are far too many yidin out there who get goose bumps because of some oysvorf ‘yid’ who does something. Instead they should look up tp people who are shomray torah u’mitzvos.

  3. and his district believes he represents them? You got to be kidding. If he is a 100% Jewish and marries out how can the frum people trust him?

  4. Kooper u r kidding right? This is a big chillul Hashem. I for one think Weiner is a nut case will he get my vote/support never.

  5. To Pringlebaspretzel,
    i certainly hope you are joking because thats the last thing we need right now. I tend to agree with highlyedumacated!

    To RavBaruch,
    Stop whining.

  6. To simpleyid:
    Are you serious?? This is 100% relevant news for the “Yeshiva World”. Please keep your whining to yourself.

  7. To “Rav” Baruch
    if i tell you to stop whining how can you tell that to me? That is completely illogical! I wish you a speedy refuah shleimah!

  8. BS”D

    Great country, America. How a legislator can continue to serve after marrying a woman who should be considered an enemy national is beyond me.

    Islam is the new Communism. Time for a new House Un-American Activities Committee to rid ourselves of the Weiners out there, before we have more 9-11’s and Fort Hoods.

  9. to erbp (22) if she agreed to convert why didn’t they make a jewish wedding?
    why was it on shabbos.

    I agree with all who are against this news article. YWN is better than that & should report ‘Yeshiva’ news. Not such despicable news regading the lowest of klal yisroel (if they’re still considered yisroel acording to halacha)

  10. On the other hand (almost) all terrorists are muslims but not all muslims are terrorists (even though most have a positive view of them)
    An arab girl isn’t necessarily an enemy to the US. In fact, Barrack Hussein Obama is just as much of an enemy to US values & Way of life as are the radical muslim americans

  11. Weiner will have to account to Hashem for who he chose to marry. But at the end of the day, and you can check the congressional record, as a politician he HAS supported Israel. Just recently I saw him at RSA, and while I’m not crazy about the guy, he was well informed and definitely understands how important Israel is.

    This is his own private business. Get over it. What have any of you done to stop the flow of intermarriage anyway? Have you participated in any Project Inspire program on how any of us can do kiruv? Do you invite and welcome non-frum Yidden into your homes.

    As the saying goes, put your money where your mouth is, or stop whining.

  12. is this what matters to a ben torah? who some congressman marries?

    who on this page is worthy of passing judgement on Mr Wiener.

    and, what have you done for Yiddishkeit other than to rant on some naarish blog

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