Orthodox Man Held Up At Gunpoint In Town Of Thompson


On Shabbos morning at approximately 10:30 AM, Deputies from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an attempted robbery in the vicinity of 127 Cold Spring Rd. in the Town of Thompson.

The vicitm, who is an Orthodox Jewish male in his early 50’s, and is visiting the area from Brazil, was walking on Cold Spring Rd when he was approached by two African-American males in their late teens.

One of the pair displayed a handgun and demanded money. When the victim stated that he did not have any money, he was struck on the head with the butt of the gun. The assailants fled the scene of the crime empty handed.

Deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s Marine patrol were enroute to the Swinging Bridge reservoir when they heard the call come over the police radio. The deputies spotted a subject fitting the description in the vicinity of 16 Woodcliff Avenue in Monticello and gave chase on foot. The suspect ran into the woods behind a house near that location. The Sheriff’s K-9 unit was called in to track the suspect. A back pack containing a pistol was recovered nearby. Additional units from the Monticello Police Department and the State Police responded, but the suspect managed to elude the officers.

The victim was taken by Mobile Medic to Catskill Regional Medical Center were he was treated and released.

Sheriff’s detectives are asking anyone with information to call the Sheriff’s confidential tips line at 845-807-0158 or the Sheriff’s Patrol main number at 845-794-7100.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. This is nothing short of outrageous. Three shootings in less than 10 days. And this isn’t Harlem, those are within the Frum communities targeting Frum Jews. This ridiculous economy is getting people desperate. My message to Obama: Either you fix this economy (and don’t give me the ‘B’ word) or you lax gun laws. Criminals won’t dare to shoot a man dead if he suspects that guy carries a gun. We see that stricter gun control doesn’t convince criminals to give up their illegal weapons, grant us some self-defense.

  2. Actually Dave (post #2), the gun laws in Sullivan already are quite lax.

    Some criminals specifically target Frum neighborhoods because they know (regardless of how lax the gun laws there) that there is a VERY small chance that an Orthodox Jew will be carrying a gun or otherwise fight back. Additionally, they know that many Frum Jews will not press charges even if they are caught, out of fear of “he might come after me after he gets out”. Additionally, we have valuables such as silver leichter, bechers, etc. at home. (There is also their misguided belief that “Them Jews got LOTS of money.)

    No suggestions to rectify this (outside tefilla and teshuva). I’m just sayin’…

    Also, Obama’s economy is not what makes the Thompson criminals and/or underclass desperate. (They actually make MORE money when he and his ilk are in office, due to the increase in “benefits”.) If you come up during the off season, you will notice a large number of unsavory characters. Drugs and alcohol make them “desperate”, and no amount of fixing the economy will help them.

    I actually agree with your comments about the need on a national level of relaxing gun laws, for the reasons you stated. I would actually not want Obama to try to “fix” the economy at all, though. (You may argue he has already “fixed” it, but good…). The problem is that supposedly he IS trying to fix it. He would fix it better if he stopped fixing it!

    You make very good points; you are just standing on the wrong soapbox. (Your points apply on a national level, but not to this local case.)