BREAKING: Florida Governor Who Executed Martin Grossman Loses


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Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who received 50,000 emails and phone calls in the weeks before the execution of Martin Grossman, and decided to respond to their requests less than 30 minutes before the execution (in an automated response), and had refused to even meet with any Jewish leaders, has lost the race for Senate to Marco Rubio (R).

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Wow YWN didn’t expect this from you guys. Charlie didn’t execute anybody. He failed to stop an execution. Stop making him into the bad guy. Its Martin who did the actual executing.
    Let’s see if you print this…

  2. !!!!!! וכל קרני רשעים אגדע

    charlie crtist didnt want to save the life of martin grossman, he said bcuz it will affect him to loose in elections! now hashem showed him! he is like paroh
    hashem gave him apertunity to do tchuva & save a jew
    he didnt, so he lost!! good for him!

  3. Nobody executes anyone. We all dig our own graves; Grossman dug his. Martin Grossman was a murderer. He was convicted in a court of law, his lawyers appealed the conviction but lost, and Crist did was all governors do. Because Grossman became a baal teshuva while in prison is a reason for a governor to overturn a murder conviction and denied appeals? Crist got many things wrong, but with Grossman he was right. Did the YWN editors reason that because Grossman davened with tefillin and ate kosher food that dina d’malchusa dina didn’t apply him? Such am ha’artzus is an embarrassment.

  4. #7 on a side note there is no dina dmalchusah dina in america, there is no malchus its a Representative republic where every citizen holds as much power as any other we just higher people to represent us there for and for a few other reasons the din of dina dimalchusa does not apply in america, so for all you holier than thou you who you are the ones that “you broke the law” or “dina dimalchusa dina” just stop it already

  5. myfriend
    I think we have a lot bigger people to ask to be Melitz Yosher on us like the many Gedolim who were niftar in the last 30 years!!!!
    The man murdered someone he needs others to be a melitz yosher on him!!!

  6. number 8. You seem to be unfamaliar with the law of dinah dmalchusa. According to most rishonim and poskim it would apply in a democratic republic such as america. And yes martin grossman was found guilty of murder by a jury of his peers.

  7. Please correct your statement that crist refused to meet with jewish leaders this is just untrue as can be attested to by any asken who was involved with the grossman case. Furthermore your headline is unnecessarily inflamitory crist did not execute grossman he just refused to grant a stay of execution for him.

  8. myfriend
    Sorry but I would hope that I dont need a murderer who wasnt frum his whole life and was a “questionable” baal teshuvah if at all being Meilitz Yosher on me.

  9. TO ANYONE WHO CALLS HIM A MURDERER : First check the facts he was underage, under drugs/ alcohol influence, extremely low IQ ,went through and had a horrendous childhood experience, lost his father at young age .Please Go look up the facts before commenting…There is a good reason why 50,000 people were pleading for his life. Go read about him, i went through his 30 page psychology report and before jumping to conclusions you should read it. Also i’m really happy christ lost because he doesn’t deserve it and is a murderer and shouldn’t be allowed in office.

  10. Aryeh0123
    Right Crist is a murderer uhuh. What right do you have to call him that? Did he ever even attempt to kill somebody? Or because someone didn’t give a stay of execution to a murderous cop killer they earn the title?
    The fact that 50,000 people wrote in means nothing (as far as I know it was mostly emails so the same person can send 1000 emails). In fact if people truly believed he was innocent there would have been 500,000 letters!

  11. Aryeh0123 #16:

    “WellInformedYid” is more informed and a better judge than the Gedolim of Agudah, Satmar, Lubavitch, OU, and YI, as well as the 50,000+ Yidden who care about a Yid’s life. Do NOT question Mr. “WIY”, he is smarter than them all.

  12. Well Informed Yid. I am 100% with you on this one. You ARE a better judge than Agudah,Satmar,Lubavitch,OU,and YI. Thanks for talking the truth as it is!