Mike Tyson Considers Launching A Kosher Restaurant Chain


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The NY Post reports:

Mike Tyson is in talks with Moshe Malamud of the Franklin Mint to launch a high-end restaurant chain, a source said.

The two talked shop at Malamud’s favorite kosher eatery, Solo, on Madison Avenue, where Tyson dined with his pregnant wife, Lakiha Spicer, on mushroom soup and mixed vegetables.

Tyson, who announced his decision to follow a strict vegan diet last spring, is said to have interest in breaking into the kosher-food business. “They discussed the concept as well as the name, but nothing was finalized,” a rep for Solo said. Tyson’s rep had no comment.

(Source: NY Post)


  1. That’s what the Jewish community is missing. Hey maybe O.J. Simpson wants to open up some pizza shops, and Jeffrey Dahmer might be interested in some kosher ice cream stores, afterall he wouldn’t be caught without Ben & Jerry in the freezer.

  2. #7- right….and photos of bin laden, and ahmadinejad, and of Gd-knows who else.

    so whats your point exactly? what’s your guidelines for ywn, they can only have photos of serial killers, and arch terrorists responsible for the deaths of thousands?

    get the drift?

    probably NOT.

    Chaim Ferdberg.

  3. Kosher? Kosher chazzer feesel more like! Cos we all know his history. Thats why it brought a smile to my face when i read your piece that said he’s ‘interested in BREAKING IN to the kosher food business’. That would figure. No wonder his rep isnt available for comment 🙂

  4. Maybe its me, but I just don’t get what everyone’s problem is with Tyson investing in a high-end kosher restaurant conception. You all act as if he will be the mashgiach.