Paris: Posters Promote Anti-Semitic Book on ‘Jewish Mafia’


The Paris City Hall has mobilized its employees to remove wall posters making publicity for an anti-Semitic book denouncing the “Jewish mafia”.
The move followed a complaint by the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA), a body monitoring anti-Semitic incidents in France.

According to BNVCA president Samy Ghozlan, these posters are regularly placed on wall of Paris and its suburbs since November 12.

They represent three men standing upright with the mention “The Jewish mafia, the great  international predators” and feature a new book by extreme-right and anti-Semitic author, Herve Ruyssen.

The BNVCA was alerted by several of its Parisian correspondents who were shocked to discover on the walls of diverse locations in the French capital the anti-Semitic advertising posters.

On these posters one could also read: ” Racket, weapons trafficking, murder under contract, drug trafficking, money laudering, casinos and discotheques, pornography, diamond trafficking, slave trade, Third world plundering, artworks trafficking, swindle.”

“We call on the Paris public prosecutor of Paris to initiate public action against Herve Ryssen. We ask to prohibit and destroy the book which contravenes the anti-racist laws,” BNVCA said in a statement.

The Paris City Hall said it mobilized a unit able to intervene 24 hours a day. To date 38 actions were initiated to remove the posters.

“What is new is that one dares to put these posters like in the forties during the war even though they are in violation of our rules and laws,” BNVCA said.

(Source: Source: EJP)