Greenfield Gets Assurances From Top City Officials That Help Is Finally On The Way


Brooklyn — Councilman David Greenfield has just received assurances from top City officials that more resources are being sent immediately to Boro Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst to try to ensure that every side street is plowed at least once by noon tomorrow. Greenfield, who has pressured the Mayor’s office, the Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Sanitation since Monday, is making progress in his battle to clear the streets of Southern Brooklyn.  Those officials, however, did ask Greenfield to relay that only streets that are not blocked by vehicles can be accessed by plows. As a result, Greenfield is asking those who were forced to park their cars illegally to be sure that they are not blocking the entrances or exits to streets.

“It is reprehensible that it has taken almost 72 hours since the snowstorm ended to get our streets cleared,” said Greenfield. “I have worked tirelessly since Sunday night to bring some normalcy back to our community and I take these top officials at their word that by tomorrow afternoon the situation in our community will be vastly improved. Once that is accomplished and every single street in our community is cleared, I will then do everything in my power to get to the bottom of what exactly went wrong. We rely on the Mayor, as the person who runs this city, to ensure our safety and provide basic services. Clearly, there was a catastrophic breakdown that led to what can only be described as a serious betrayal of the public trust.”

Greenfield has taken to criticizing Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as other top members of the administration and agency commissioners, for what he has called the “wholesale failure of government to provide basic services to its taxpayers.” Greenfield’s office, which remained fully staffed throughout the snow crisis and open regular hours, took thousands of phone calls from angry constituents who were exasperated by the Mayor’s failure to ensure that the streets of Southern Brooklyn were plowed.

“I criticized the Mayor because I could not simply stand idly by while Manhattan was plowed and we in Brooklyn were left to fend for ourselves,” Greenfield explained. “I can assure you, the consequences of the city’s inaction have been dire: homebound seniors were unable to get the meals they rely on, first responders were unable to reach critical patients in a timely manner and many residents have lost several days of earnings. It is simply unacceptable that in the year 2010 we are seeing the same failures that befell Mayor Lindsay’s administration in 1969. We will continue to do whatever is necessary to hold the Mayor and his administration accountable,” Greenfield concluded.

(YWN Storm Center – 2010)


  1. David, start campaigning for mayor!

    I don’t know your record well enough to know whether or not you’re the right man, but if you are railing against the current corruption, do something to ensure that you are able to have greater power next time!

    Hatzlacha rabbah and kol ha-kavod, David!

  2. This is a press release from Mr. Greenfields office sent to all the media outlets. Why is YWN not noting that on the bottom as is the press standard.

  3. yup since no one came to clean up ave c i spent 2 hours and got the street from east 4th to east 5 th but thats just a drop in the bucket. everyone who was driving by commented that a frum lady had to shovel and it was not right but what could i do? even though i am a frum lady someone’s gotta do something

  4. I have two words of advice to you Brooklynites – MOVE OUT
    What do you people find so fascinating about living in that jungle? The smell, traffic, noise, no parking. Maybe this is a wake up call and move out to the suberbs. One thing I beg of you, dont all cramp in to one area. Spread out and everyone will be happy.

  5. the problem on my block is not stuck cars, but a stuck garbage truck/ snow plow. it has been sitting on my street since sunday night- the street has not been plowed once

  6. It’s going to melt over the weekend, regardless of what the mayor does. The same agency that controls the snow, removes it (and it has nothing to do with City Hall).

  7. Now it’s almost 4 days after the storm. I live in Flatbush (midwood) a snowplow came down my block for the first and only time last night after 12:00. A full two day after the storm ended. The storm was not greater than storms we have had in the past. There was simply no response to it in brooklyn.

  8. Assurances. Oh yeah, that’s like hearing the check is in the mail. Why didn’t the mayor declare a snow emergency? I guess that’s for greater minds than mine.

  9. Wow!!! Pathetic!!! No words!!! Were I live and were I work has been in lock down mode all week already!!! So sick!! I work in a doctors office and We had to call hatzolah for a patient today and they could not come down our block because it is covered in 2 feet of snow!! They had to carry the patient to the corner to get them to the ambulance!! How sick is that?? Its wednesday!!! Day 4!! Not monday anymore!! What’s the mayors excuse now??? Huh??? Imagine if we had to carry him down the block on a stretcher! Wonder how much he would like that!! Or maybe they should only do cpr for 20 min on him! Or his family members!! Selfish rich man!!! I wish he would take a paycheck instead of his $1 salary! This way ppl won’t b able to say “but look he isn’t getting paid!” That was HIS choice!!! I’m fuming mad!!! Its 2am thursday morning and my block still is covered like it was at this time on sunday!! Its soo sad to see the little respect the orthodox community is getting from out government! This is how much they think of us! Its a scary thought!!

  10. I would like to make a note amid all the complaints: MI KAMCHA YISROEL!! I want to say thank u to all the men and women of klal yisroel who have been going out of they’re way in all this madness to help others whether its shoveling, helping ppl get out of snow drifts, carrying people to hatzolah or ambulance vehicles or to the hospital! U r doing an amazing job and ur schar will run after u! A big thank u to hatzolah and chavairim for doing an outstanding job now and always! U truly r the best!! We wld b no were with out u!

  11. would like have a response from the mayor or councilman greenfield
    why wasnt 49th and 50th streets cleaned
    in case of emergency to get to maimonidies hospital
    these 2 streets should have been the first on the agenda to be cleaned so the ambulances,city buses, cars etc to get through if needed