Couric Fires Incorrect Tweet Saying Mubarak Stepped Down


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Katie Couric was a little quick with her Twitter finger Saturday.

The CBS News anchor mistakenly informed her 140,000 followers that embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had stepped down after 30 years.

Not true.

“As many of you have already heard Mubarak has resigned,” Couric posted before backing off the report.

The president’s son, Gamal, did resign from his post with the Egyptian ruling party’s senior executive committee. And there were reports that Hosni Mubarak had quit his post as party boss.

But that was not true, either.

The source of the erroneous report was apparently Al Arabiya television. Reuters relayed the resignation story, which was later retracted by the Arabic-language news channel.

When the confusion cleared, Mubarak remained the country’s president – and the head of the National Democratic Party.

A pair of Couric tweets reflected the fluid nature of the news emerging from Egypt.

“Lots of conflicting reports,” she wrote at one point. “Thanks for your patience.”

A short time earlier, Couric wrote, “Situation is still confusing. Trying to sort it out!”

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(Source: NY Daily News)