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Jewish Community In Montreal Needs Your Help Emailing City Officials

YWN received the following email from a community activist in Montreal:

Dear YWN readership,

We are appealing to our friends around the world to help us with this in a very polite way.

In Outremont, a city in Montreal there are a few individuals constantly instigating against the Chasiddic Community, and it has become increasingly difficult to deal with the city. Any time we have basic needs, they refuse to help us. It has become almost impossible to celebrate Sukkos Pesach, Lag Ba’omer, and Purim without major difficulties. So we appeal to all our friends around to world to email these elected officials to ask why they refuse to find simple solutions to help the Jewish community in Outremont.

JOCC is still trying to get the Borough to change the bus by-law and also approve an acceptable plan for “sreifas chometz”, at the next city council meeting. The meeting will be held next Monday, March 7, 2011

Please email the following elected officials. We need to have as many emails as possible  by next Monday. Please use the following prepared statement. 
“My name is …, we kindly ask you, to please help the Jewish community, and modify the by-law to for Purim, also please approve a proper plan for the burning of the bread for the upcoming Passover holiday, Thank you.”
Mayor, Mrs. Marie Cinq-Mars
[email protected]
City Councillor, Mr. Louis Moffatt
[email protected]
City Councillor, Mrs. Ana Nunes
[email protected]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

15 Responses

  1. There are no details about the issues… Perhaps that would help the wider public feel and understand the pain.

  2. Wh not just leave that part of the city already? you have nothing there, there is no room to expand, they want to close down shuls, make prblems every day, there is so much Pritzus there, and to purchase a 1 floor apt is around $300,000 so why not go to uptown or Laval?

  3. you can just copy my letter and send it:
    it takes a minute

    To whom it may concern.
    It has come to my att. that in In Outremont, there are a few
    individuals constantly instigating against the Chasiddic Community,
    and made that it be difficult for them to deal with the city. I request that you honor their basic needs, and stop
    refusing to help them. with saddnes i heard that It has become almost
    impossible to celebrate Sukkos Pesach, Lag Ba’omer, and Purim without
    major difficulties. So i appeal to you as elected officials why you
    refuse to find simple solutions to help the Jewish community in

  4. Can you please be more specific as to what you are prevented from doing on Purim and Sukkos? Also what are the Basic Needs that are being denied?

    As far as Sefiras Chometz, I respectfelly don’t understand the need. I lived in NY and we never had public Sefiras Chometz. My father burned it in a metal garbage can. Also, bleach can do the job. We live in Golus. I wonder if this is considered a basic need?

    Please don’t get me wrong. We should show support but sometimes we forget we are in Golus and permission to do things that are not basic needs become the “basic needs” and then we get nothing. We should focus on real Basic Needs and then we might be successful.

  5. With all due respect, I think this is a very bad idea. Don’t see why anyone would think that if officials who hate Montreal Jews are bombarded by random other Jews from all over the world, will make them suddenly want to help the Montreal Jews.

  6. I used to live in montreal in my childhood,and I’m going there for every yomtov I know exactly what he is talking about

    1)PURIM,they will stop u from having music even on a low volume
    (Even shabbos in the summer and your window is open and u sing zemiros they will come and tell u to stop right away)

    2)Burning the chumetz,they drive around all morning erev pesach to check who is doing it in their own backyard and give tickets for it

    3)Sukoss,they will try to make u take down the sukah with all kind of excuses,on a porch they will say fire hazard(for the fire department)or in a back yard they will say illegal extension.

    Also they got a anti semit lady named madam fordget when ever she can she is making a hard time

    So please be so kind and email the officials there in a nice way ask them to stop

  7. I remember last yr erev Pesach a respected member of the Montreal community was fined for holding a mini public serefas chometz, he was almost arrested. succos they had problems building their succos Thanx to this marashas, a sick woman who kept on filling complaints that they’re doing things illegally wen in reality it wasn’t. she just claimed they’re disturbing her and the rest of the city with their succah building. they do suffer the french anti semitism there. pls help them.

  8. I looked at the links from #9. If you would ask us to email on something specific, and it is understandable, we would do it. Other than “sreifas chometz” (which i fail to see as a basic need), your letter doesn’t tell us what you are being denied. Until that happens, how can you expect anyone to send a letter?

  9. I agree with #4. Sreifas chametz is not a basic need. Not working on Shabbos is a basic need. And like #4 wrote above, in NY we never had a public chametz burning. When you confuse real, legitamate needs with wants and luxeries, you are cheapening your argument. Do you seriously think Jews around the world should embark on a letter campaign so that you can have a public chametz burning?? We are in galus, my friend, and don’t forget it. Do what you need to do privately and don’t raise their ire unecessarily.

  10. The province of Quebec spends more government money on Jewish education than every other government in North America put together. May we have more such such so-called anti-Semitism.

  11. I live in outremont: You out of towners live so compfortable you don’t realize what an easy life you have, this city councillor maadame forget has been causing us trouble since the day she moved in outremont.
    Srifes chumetz isn’t a basic need? You have it on each corner, all we ask is one big for the whole community, we wish we could make it on each corner but this was out of the question.
    Yes its true we live in Galot but what is the term of living in galot? This is a never ending issue, today its srefes chumetz, tomorrow it will be sukkoth, every law she appouses is designed strictly to disturb the Jewish community.
    as a democratic country they must respect all people equally.
    And no you can’t just move away, this was never a solution.
    These other officials while they were campaigning they promised us that they will support us but now they turned theire back on us.
    We really need help from our brothers around the world to support us.

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