Iron Dome Intercepts Three More Rockets Fired From Gaza; IAF Bombing Continues


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Four additional rockets were fired at Ashkelon Friday and three were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, the IDF announced, adding that it had bombed the terror cell that had fired the rockets, identifying a direct hit.

Terrorists in Gaza continued rocket fire towards Israel Friday, hitting chicken coops as well as a factory and causing serious damage. Eleven mortar shells were also fired throughout the afternoon and early evening.

The IDF, for its part, bombed rocket launching cells throughout Friday and announced that at least two Hamas terrorists were killed. Three civilians were also killed in the strikes, among them a mother and daughter.

At around 5:45 pm, residents of Ashkelon witnessed loud explosions. A number of them wrote to Ynet that they had seen Iron Dome intercept rockets in the sky.

The system was installed just Monday, and made its first interception Thursday evening.

The IDF said earlier that Air Force craft bombed two terror cells in the southern Gaza Strip, east of Khan Younis. “The terrorists were firing mortar shells from the heart of a civilian neighborhood in the southern Strip,” the army said in a statement.

Altogether 22 mortar shells and six Qassam rockets were fired at Israel by Friday evening.

The army added that apparently civilians had been harmed in its retaliatory strikes. “Hamas chooses to operate from within civilian populations and uses them as human shields,” the statement says.



  1. Impressive. Tremendous export potential. US said it couldn’t be done. If the US is bankrupt, maybe Israel can sell some of them to the Americans.

    It might be better if Israel (and the US) relied less on air strikes since they tend to result it hitting too many non-combattants, even if the alternative is to send in ground troops to occupy the area (or at least level it and leave). Levelling a square mile around the place where a missle was launched would be an effective deterrent, and would avoid hitting civilians (who in some cases, aren’t even our enemies).

  2. these people are not civilians they are also the enemy when more then a third of the population was poled they agreed with the slaughter of a 3 month old child. The Torah clearly allows an army to strike first in defense as this is clearly the case. I am glad to see that the army is striking accordingly and let the so called civilian casualty be on the back of Hamas

  3. Mi k’amcha yisroel??????? What other nation would act so carefully and civilly. Any other nation would bomb the entire city!!!! Wake up world!!

  4. are there really any true civilians, I mean the Palestinians let the terrorist seek shelter in their homes, hospitals and schools….

  5. Good point, when the u.s.dropped an a bomb on nagisaki, the whole civilian was targeted.when israel inadvertently knocks off a civilian terrorist, all the little squirts start whining.well good, your next.