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Message To Obama? Construction Of 1,550 Jerusalem Homes OK’d

The Interior Ministry’s district committee for construction and planning approved Thursday evening two major plans for some 1,550 housing units in contentious Jerusalem neighborhoods.

The construction plans for Har Homa and Pisgat Ze’ev, both located beyond the Green Line, were given the go-ahead as President Barack Obama was delivering his major Mideast policy speech.

Despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s departure to Washington Thursday evening, the government secretary ordered the committee to proceed with the touchy session.

(Read More: Ynet)

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  1. YES! build build build it is our land and our people need homes.Keep it up build all over Judea Samaria, Lebanon, syria, Sinai ALL this land is our because G-D has given to us as an eternal inheritance

  2. In the eyes of the world, practically all building in Israel is in “contentious” neighborhoods — remember the uproar over building in Ramat Shlomo???

    This is nice, but how about approving 15,000 instead of 1,500? There is a HUGE housing shortage in Israel, and prices are soaring. (The government just put in place more restrictions on getting a mortgage to try to push down prices — you must now put a down payment of 30 — 40%!! — when the real solution is to build more!)

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