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NYC: Bill Would Require Food & Gas Sellers To Be Blackout Ready

Grocery stores and gas stations could soon be shelling out sacks of cash on electrical upgrades.

The Daily News reports state legislators are mulling over a bill requested by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that would require stores to be blackout ready.

It could cost store owners up to $20,000 to rewire buildings to make them able to quickly switch to alternative power sources.

They would not be required to install backup generators.

The city says the legislation would ensure residents have food and fuel in an emergency, and that stores would benefit because they could continue making money.

The bill affects grocery stores with 60 or more employees or 20,000 square feet of space and gas stations with 25,000 gallons of fuel capacity.

The legislation is based on task force findings after the city’s 2003 blackout.

(Source: NY1)

4 Responses

  1. If it was in the interest of the merchants, they would spend the money without be ordered to do so.

    However, if the goal is to reduce congestion by encouraging continued movement out of New York, it does seem to be a worthy program

  2. Great idea gasoline is not have enough and we can force it up even more. I could make a simple system with a cut off switch to operative 2 pumps for under $1000 but if you get what they require it will cost $20,000

  3. torahtotty and akuperma:
    It’s only a “bright idea” from government as long as you have food and fuel. This is the friction between individual interest and a societal need: should a business need to invest in something like quick access to back-up power? Most of the time there is no profit in the investment. However, if/when we have a blackout, *everything* will grind to a halt as the fuel runs out and gas stations aren’t functional or food spoils.

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