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Phone Book Has Incorrect Sullivan Sheriff Contact Info

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is advising county residents of errors in the new version of the Verizon Superpages telephone book that was recently sent to customers.

On the emergency listings page, which is the first page when you open the cover, the Ulster County Sheriff’s telephone number is listed instead of Sullivan. The correct number to reach the Sullivan Sheriff’s Office is 845-794-7100.

There is another typo on page 15 of the book where the sheriff’s number and address are listed as the County Government Center. The correct number for the Government Center, which is at 100 North Street in Monticello, is 845-794-3000.

“We keep getting calls for the Board of Elections, the Legislature and the County Clerk,” said Undersheriff Eric Chaboty. “We have advised Verizon of the problem with the listings and they are working on it.”

(Source: MidHudsonNews)

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