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Poll: Weiner Constituents Want Him to Stay

Even as colleagues and commentators continue to call on Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) to resign, a majority of voters in his district want him to stay put, although support for his re-election was weak, according to a new poll.

A NY1-Marist poll conducted Wednesday in Weiner’s district, representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens, found 56 percent of registered voters there saying that the embattled congressman should not quit. One-third said he should step down and another 12 percent were unsure.

Weiner has cited support shown in earlier polls of all New York City residents as a reason why he won’t step down. Two surveys conducted on Monday found majorities of New Yorkers saying Weiner didn’t need to resign or unsure of what they’d like to see him do.

If Weiner resists leaving, he’ll still face a House ethics investigation and could potentially lose his seat to redistricting. If he does get a shot at running for re-election, it’s not clear whether he’d win, the poll found.

Of those surveyed, 30 percent said they would definitely vote for Weiner in 2012, while 31 percent said they would definitely vote against him. Another 38 percent are undecided.

Voters also are divided on whether he will be effective in carrying out his responsibilities in Congress. Of those surveyed, 11 percent said he will be very effective, while 37 percent said he will be effective. Meanwhile, 28 percent said they think he won’t be very effective and 15 percent said he won’t be effective at all.

Meanwhile, late Thursday, two more congressional Democrats – Sens. Sherrod Brown and Dick Durbin – weighed in on the saga. Brown, of Ohio, called for Weiner to resign.

The number two Senate Democrat, Durbin, of Illinois, didn’t go that far, but did say that Weiner finds himself in a difficult situation. “Don’t murder someone who is already committing suicide,” he said, citing a quote by Woodrow Wilson. “I think he has some serious problems that will not go away soon.”

(Source: Politico)

6 Responses

  1. deepthinker,

    Does the continued presence of David Vitter in the US Senate prove that Conservatism is a Mental Disease?

  2. Folks, this is simply right vs left vis-à-vis values are concerned. There is no doubt to anyone had he been Conservative, his resignation would have been tendered while his finger was still on the ‘send’ button. Of course since the socialist liberal left has no values, they don’t care!

  3. Well they were dumb enough to elect him. As his district is about to be broken up in redistricting, it probably isn’t worth the trouble to have a special election, and in any event why substitute a totally crippled far-left politiician with one who might command greater influence and therefore do more damage.

  4. No. 3: At the risk of repeating myself, I must say that you have a selective memory. Republican Senator Larry Craig, after being caught (and pleading guilty to) soliciting in an airport men’s room, did not resign. Republican Senator John Ensign did not resign until very recently, months after his adulterous relationship with a staffer’s wife was revealed, and long after wrongful payments and favors were done for the wronged husband. Republican Senator Vitter has not only not resigned after being caught consorting with prostitutes. Republican Governor Mark Sanford, caught cheating on his wife, did not resign. If there is a differance between Republicans and Democrats caught in sex scandals, it is shameless hipocracy of some of the Republicans who remain in office while their party colleagues look the other way, or affirmatively defend them, and pretend to stand for “family values.”

    Actually, your problem is not your memory. Your problem is your inability to reconcile facts with your misguided notions of what your preferred political party stands for. The curious – indeed distrubing – thing is how you can believe that all nominal conservatives all behave morally and hold themselves to higher moral standards than liberals, and that all liberals uniformly do not behave morally and do not hold themeselves to any moral standards whatsoever. The opinions you express cannot be reconciled with the facts. You are more disconnected from the facts than a post-operative transgender woman.

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