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NJ State Police Warn Of Email Virus

Troopers today received information that a computer virus has been transmitted to a Garden State resident by way of an email purporting to be a speeding ticket from the New Jersey State Police.  The email bore a subject line of “Camera Violation” and contained an attached zip file called “Speeding Over 55 Zone.”  When the victim opened the file, his anti-virus software detected a problem, but he still suffered catastrophic hard drive information damage.

 There were several inconsistencies in the email that could have been taken as a red flag.  The State Police Cyber-crimes Unit advises all computer users to beware of attachments or links in emails, especially those in unsolicited mail, and mail addressed to more than one recipient.
Residents should be advised that the New Jersey State Police have not used photo-radar.  Neither have we emailed summonses to the public.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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