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Another Security Lapse At Newark? Authorities Investigate Stun Gun Found On JetBlue Plane

Authorities are investigating how a stun gun managed to make it through security and onto a flight that landed at Newark Liberty International Airport, Fox 5 reported Sunday.

The FBI is investigating how the stun gun got aboard a JetBlue flight from Boson on Friday, a federal law enforcement source said.

According to sources, a striker 1800 stun gun was found by a cleaning crew inside the back pocked of a seat on Jet Blue flight 1179 after the passengers had disembarked, Fox 5 said.

After the gun was discovered, the workers called the Port Authority Police, Jet Blue and the PA said. The Transportation Safety Administration was also notified.

Sources suspect that the stun gun made it through screening at Boston’s Logan Airport.

JetBlue confirmed this information with Fox 5 News and said it was cooperation with the investigations.

Authorities are pursuing the identifies of everyone who had access to the seat pocket where the gun was found.


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  1. May I suggest that the mods correct obvious spelling errors. It happens all too often that words are misspelled,which lowers the otherwise high caliber of your web-site.

  2. Shticky. You are funny!

    Anyway, my gripe is about:
    ‘back pocked’, and not to mention
    ‘it was cooperation with the investigations’!
    I guess for some ‘writers’, English IS a second language.

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