NYPD Detectives Dig Up Yard At Home of Levi Aron


NYPD Detectives were at the home of Levi Aron,Thursday morning, and are reportedly digging up his yard, to try and uncover more evidence. It is unknown if the evidence they are looking for involves the murder of Leiby Kletzky or not. 

Aron is slated to be arraigned later today. According to the NY Post, he was transported to the courthouse this morning amid a crowd that hurled insults, shouting, “Murderer!” as he was placed in a police car.

Cops are still looking into Aron’s bizarre claim that he took the boy to a wedding in upstate Monsey before he was killed, but YWN has confirmed that Detectives visited the office of at east one wedding photographer, who they thought was taking photos at the wedding.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that Leiby died as a “result of suffocation” and that the boy had been restrained because of marks found on his ankles.

Cops said Aron shaved his beard on Tuesday before going to work at a hardware store where he is a clerk.

Kelly said Aron had “cleaned up” in an effort to alter his appearance.

Surveillance video shows Leiby innocently speaking to Aron, apparently asking for directions, outside a dental office at 18th Avenue and 44th Street.

He told the boy to stay put while he ran inside and paid a dental bill. The boy stood waiting for him for seven minutes.

(Dov Gordon – YWN / NY Post)


  1. a wedding might be what Aron fantacized about…..unfortunately I think my worst thoughts might have happened…..

    Baruch Dayan Emes

  2. I don’t understand where the hetter comes from to speak about this person. It is motse shem ra. According to halacha, as mentioned in comments on a related article, one is not believed when he ‘confesses’ to murder.
    You may have your own opinion but know that it is NOT daas torah.