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Levi Aron Defense Acquires New Lawyer With ‘Insanity’ Experience

The main defense lawyer for the man suspected of abducting and killing an 8-year-old boy he met on the street has acquired a new partner with experience in high-profile murder cases, including an insanity defense.

Pierre Bazile announced in an unusual statement on Friday that he had replaced attorney Gerard Marrone with Jennifer McCann on the team representing Levi Aron. Marrone left abruptly this week, saying in various media reports that he had “moral” issues about representing Aron.

Aron was indicted by a grand jury this week on multiple counts, including first-degree murder and kidnapping. He is accused of drugging Leiby Kletzky, smothering him and dismembering his body.

His lawyers have said he hears voices and has hallucinations.

Bazile announced in a statement that McCann “represented Kathleen Prisco, who famously killed her husband and was found not guilty by reason of insanity this past December.”

Bazile also boasted that McCann represented “convicted murderer and dismemberer Nathan Powell and won his appeal for a lesser sentence.”

“She has a reputation for being an aggressive attorney who diligently represents high-profile defendants,” he added.

Aron pleaded not guilty at an initial arraignment last week.

Bazile also blasted Marrone for his comments about the case, saying he is “disappointed by Mr. Marrone’s press comments.”

(Source: NBC NY)

8 Responses

  1. If he was already on powerful anti-psicotic drugs to begin with (or even worse, “off them” when he should have been taking them), and how else would he have had them lying around his house, he probably was insane all along.

    Which raises the question, is his “shrink” (remember, those drugs are prescription only) responsible in some way? Who was in charge of him? While the frum community is fairly good about trying to care for mentally ill and mentally handicapped persons, do we need a better way of dealing with someone who was not merely crazy, but dangerous as well.

  2. On the other side, if he his own psychiatrist did not diagnose him as insane how can they claim that as a defense? in addition if he had those medications and was under a doctor’s care why didn’t the family keep a better watch on him and what he was doing? Who was responsible for him? Just because he was capable of clothing and feeding himself and even keeping a job that does not mean he didn’t need some sort of monitoring or supervision in some fashion.

  3. @akuperma: According to the law a person CAN’T be forced to take his medicine. The only way this can happen if an AOT-2PC is acquired. This is signed off by two shrinks and a judge–very, very hard to acquire….I used to work in the Mental Health Field and no one wanted to touch “this one”.

    I too, before I started working in the “field”, thought that the shrink is responsible for the patient taking his meds, but it’s not so…too bad…

    You dont’ know if someone is dangerous until they DO something dangerous. Not all individuals with mental illness are dangerous or violent.

    I hope this helps a little.

    If there are any foilks out there who can add or detract from what I wrote I look forward to reading your comments.

  4. These are all distractions. All this “reid” is l’vatalah. The RSh”O, over the past months, has taken Gedolim from around the world, and a koton from our midst. The Gemora is clear it is for a kaporah. But for what. We do not know perhaps, but please let’s not get distracted.

  5. Who is paying for these lawyers??? I understand one free public defender, but it seems like he has two! The new one with “insanity” experience. Who cares…crazy not crazy!?? He admitted it, it is time for a judge here on earth to impose a sentence…like life without parole. So much wasted time and money, that could go to better use.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can feel good about trying to prove such a rasha innocent.

    But looks like America could care less about justice, only fame and glory, as shown so clearly by Bazile’s comments and McCann’s ‘achievements’.

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