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In His Own Hand, Levi Aron’s Account To A Grisly Crime

“My name is Levi Aron,” the writer began.

Then, in small, distinct print, and in short prosaic sentences on one full page of lined paper he submitted to the police, Mr. Aron told the story of how he had kidnapped, killed and systematically dismembered an 8-year-old boy who had gotten lost one afternoon in Brooklyn on the way back from camp and had sought his help.

Mr. Aron had taken to calling the boy by his first name, Leiby. But less than 36 hours later, Leiby Kletzky was dead, and at 8 a.m. on July 13, Mr. Aron, a 35-year-old hardware supply store clerk, was penning his confession in chilling, clinical detail.

The confession was part of a file of papers provided by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to the defense as Mr. Aron was formally arraigned on Thursday on murder and kidnapping charges in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

Mr. Aron told a detective that he was “trying to get back into the Jewish religion.” But, according to the records, he acknowledged that he was not keeping kosher and that if the detectives were to get him food, he would eat McDonald’s. He ate Chinese food, instead.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 14.


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  1. Shame on you for supplying this link. Have you no respect for the dead or for his family? Is your readership really that voyeuristic that they must read the grisly details of how this boy died? Do the Kletzky’s deserve no privacy; or at the very least, the privilege of not having their son’s degradation and murder placed in the public eye, replete with the killer’s description of all the gory minutia? This is tznius? This is kavod habriyos, kavod Shamayim? Clearly you have no shame in doing this. But don’t fear. As my rebbe R. Shlomo Drillman zt”l famously said to a talmid who was acting in an undignified manner: “I’m embarrassed for you.”

  2. For someone brought up as a frum (and modern Orthodox is still frum) Jew, eating treff should be seen as a sign of mental illness (not that the shrinks, typically frei “Jews”, would see it that way). If a “normal” American wanted to eat worms, that would be enough to warrant a question as to mental health – and for a yid to want to eat treff should equally suggest mental illness.

  3. Nice strategy to get off the hook. The monster knew enough to follow through on his acts in secrecy. I still say tie him up and charge people money for ten seconds with a sharp instrument of their choice until this monster cannot survive the torture he is given.

  4. akuperma: while Aron told investigators that he wanted to try to get back into Judaism, his ex-wife commented that after he moved back to Brooklyn from Memphis, he stopped eating kosher and became less religious.

  5. thats what happens when treif goes into a persons body it creats tumah and that probably contributed to him doing an averah, so Im not surprised that he didnt eat kosher, bec someone who eats kosher would not be able to kil someone at least I hope not

  6. Akuperma-

    The use of the term “shrinks” contributes a great deal to the “shanda” many in our community feel about seeking help for mental health issues. I urge you to discontinue using this term as it obviously sounds derogatory and prevents many people from getting the help they need and at the same time contributes to the terrible practice of those who shun a shidduch b/c either the prospective partner or a family member sees a PSYCHIATRIST and/or PSYCHOLOGIST!!!!

  7. So he doesn’t eat kosher. He probably also wears shaatnez. Wearing shaatnez leads to murder, because the first murder in history, Kayin to Hevel, occurred when Flax (Kayin’s Korbon) and Wool (on Hevel’s Korbon) mixed.

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