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Child Killer Levi Aron Moved To Rikers Island, On Round-The-Clock Suicide Watch

Confessed child killer Levi Aron has been moved to Rikers Island, where he’s on round-the-clock suicide watch with a correction officer watching his every move, jail sources said.

Aron, who was moved out of Bellevue Hospital this weekend, is housed apart from the other inmates in the North Infirmary Command. A specially designated correction officer is parked outside his cell 24 hours a day.

“He’s in an area all by himself,” a jail supervisor said. “They opened it up just for him.”

He is under the constant watch of a correction officer assigned by the department’s Enhanced Suicide Observation program, a jail source said. Only inmates considered serious risks to themselves are placed in the program.

“I can confirm that he is on Rikers Island under close supervision,” department spokeswoman Sharman Stein said.


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  1. Does anyone think he is really going to commit suicide? With what? His clothing? He is happy he is famous now. I don’t believe that they are so much afraid of him committing suicide as they are afraid of what the other prisoners will do to him.

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