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Lipa Schmeltzer’s ‘Leiby Forever’ Song Helped Me Cope With Son’s Death, Nachman Kletzky Says

The Daily News reports:

Leiby Kletzky’s dad says that a new memorial song about his slain son is helping him cope with the boy’s horrifying death.

Nachman Kletzky, 39, called into the Jewish radio show “Talkline with Zev Brenner” on WMCA (570 AM) early Sunday while Hasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer was on the air talking about his ballad “Leiby Forever.”

“You brought Leiby to life,” Nachman Kletzky told Schmeltzer about the seven-minute music video, which features a montage of home movies showing Leiby grow from a toddler to a third-grader.

Schmeltzer later told the Daily News that the father’s praise countered the naysayers blasting him for trying to make a buck off the gruesome case.


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  1. why is lipa making songs about this tragedy? the only reason why leiby’s father said what he did is because he was live on the radio. do you you think that his song inspired anyone? he’s doing it for publicity, money, and fame. every body’s sad but do you think that a song brings leiby to life?

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