UJCare’s ‘SABAINU’ in its 6th year, Distributes Vouchers For Over 200 Tons of Food for Passover


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Ujcare 2013UJCARE, the community relations and advocacy agency, representing communities throughout Willamsburg, Boro Park, Bayswater, Monsey and Kiryas Joel, has secured private and public funding from generous benefactors and food bank agencies, and launched its 6th “Project SABAINU” (which means “satisfy us”)”, and distributed vouchers for over 200 tons of food for Pesach on Sunday March 17, 2013 .

In the spirit of the Passover Hagadah, which reads, “Let all those who are hungry come and eat…”, SABAINU volunteers had the arduous task of assessing family needs and distributing vouchers at several locations, to insure that those who need it most will get the necessary staples (including fruits, vegetables, grape juice and eggs) to celebrate the holiday to the fullest. Some families feed as many as 15-20 participants at their Pesach Seder.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. how many non chassidic families do they distribute to? they make it sound like they give to all jews. how can I request help for a family in need?

  2. Q. Why dont you post PHOTOS the same as you post at UJO and BPJCC?.

    A. because there were never an distribution.

    Its time for them to do something for the community instead of just posting Twitter messages and sending out press releases that are not true.

    FYI they dont even have a phone number and address for their org.

  3. I think that giving vouchers is a much more discreet way and much more B’Derech Kovod then going thru a line of cameras and politicians who want to get a picture, KOL HAKOVOD! UJcare guy’s!

  4. The vouchers would be indeed more discreet if they would be actually distributed.
    I’ve heard from several people in Williamsburg who tried to get access to UJCare and could not. #2 is right, what is the phone number or address to register for these vouchers?
    PR is very easy, but it’s all hot air.