VIDEO: Shea Rubenstein Music Video In Memory of Mumbai Kedoshim


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Click HERE to watch a moving music video by Shea Rubenstein’s music video, “Window In Heaven” dedicated in memory of the Mumbai Kedoshim. (Song will be released on his upcoming album)


  1. Very beautiful video. Just don’t get the connection to the Kedoshim. Shea should have been wearing something more appropriate, I think.

  2. This piece of music touches the neshama.
    How poignant it is that he dedicated it to Moishe’le Holtzberg. May Shea Rubentsteins music reach out to the neshamos that need to be touched, and move them to the ruchnius places that the Holzbergs sacrificed their lives for.

  3. Kollel guy .com says he doesn’t get the connection. In the video Shea sings about losing his father when he was very young, and that even though his father wasn’t with him here ,he felt his presence throughout life

    I love this video, and what a special voice (and different to )

    I don’t see what’s wrong with a sweater that he’s wearing, he’s singing on a reg. day in a studio about a heartfelt issue, it’s not a bar mitzvah?, not sure what you meant

  4. Can’t there ever be a story/article when no one posts something negative. Kollel guy, what do you care what Heshy was wearing?!?! He has a beautiful, zeesa voice, and the song and video, has brought me to tears!! My father was niftar over 7 yrs ago., someone composes and sings a beautiful song, and you look at his clothes?!?!?!

  5. We really enjoyed this music video. Very Well done. This song was extremelly touching. My whole family was sitting around the computer crying away! He should have hatzlacha with his new cd. Thank You very much for sharing this with us!

  6. And FYI #1 obviosly you watched it but you missed the whole point! Please comment on what he is wearing! It was an awsome song and if you are such a cynic dont comment, the world is not interested in your veiw!