Yaakov Young Releases Song In Memory of Holtzbergs HYD


gh21.jpgClick HERE to hear a moving song released by Yaakov Young, dedicated in memory of his 1st cousin Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg HY”D and his wife Rivkah HY”D. While the song is free, he asks that donations be made generously to the Holtzberg orphan fund. www.holtzbergorphans.org


  1. Very touching. I found myself with tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us. I feel like myself and the entire Jewish community lost a brother. I don’t know how he did it, but R’ Gavriel Holtzberg, hy”d, managed to unify every sect in Judaism. Together we all mourned. Together, we will soon see the fulfillment of the words, Nacheim Hashem Al Tzion, with the coming of the goel tzedek, b’meheira b’yameinu.