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Putting Together Memories Of Rebbitzen Berman A”H

Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing the small article on Rebbetzin Itka Berman a”h after her petirah on כה חשון. It clearly depicted a little bit of the magnitude of her selfless devotion to her husband’s life of Torah and harbotzas haTorah.

There was another whole part of Rebbetzin Berman’s life which was not mentioned- that of her years of teaching, of imparting love of Yiddishkeit, of guiding many in her idealism and realism of living a Torahdik life, of giving over her emunah peshuta, of influencing neshamos from the young first graders all the way through seminary talmidos, in both America and Eretz Yisroel. Her dedication to her talmidos culminated in her 15+ years of lovingly teaching and caring for her students in Hadar Bais Yaakov seminary in Yerushalayim. There, she joined her daughters and was the Menaheles Ruchniyus as well as a teacher in so many senses of the word. A short letter cannot sufficiently describe Rebbetzin Berman’s role in seminary and definitely not her part in shaping current and future generations of Torah in Klal Yisroel.

I’m sure that the thousands of Rebbetzin Berman’s talmidos have many stories of warm memories, stories of how Rebbetzin Berman played a significant role in how we live our lives, stories of profound lessons and hashkafos learned, stories of her devotion and love, and more… We may have lost a regal Queen on כה חשון, but perhaps we can preserve some of the stories, the koach, and the limudim learned by compiling the memories from us, her talmidos. Please send a short story, a letter, or maybe even just one small line to me at 459 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, NY 11218, or by email at [email protected], or you can call 646-675-0961. If each of us will take a few minutes to write something, we can collect hundreds and possible thousands of descriptions of things that we were zoche to gain from Rebbetzin Berman a”h.

Thank you,

Chana Rabinowitz, Hadar talmidah.

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