London: Insects on Bell Peppers


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Kashrus Alert from the London Beth Din

Insects on Bell Peppers (Capsicum)

KLBD Mashgichim have recently found peppers to have small 1mm – 3mm insects crawling primarily on the tops of peppers.

It appears that these insects may have been deliberately placed on the peppers and some packaging actually indicates “May contain beneficial insects”! (See below)

The public are advised to thoroughly wash and inspect all peppers until further notice.

From Wikipedia:
Beneficial insects (sometimes called beneficial bugs) are any of a number of species of insects that perform valued services like pollination  and  pest  control. In farming and agriculture, where the goal is to raise selected crops, insects that hinder the production process are classified as pests, while insects that assist production are considered beneficial. Encouraging beneficial insects, by providing suitable living conditions, is a pest control strategy, often used in organic farming, organic gardening or Integrated Pest Management. Companies specializing in biological pest control sell many types of beneficial insects, particularly for use in enclosed areas, like greenhouses.