Frum Attorney Running For NY’s 6th Congressional District


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After receiving the nomination of the Republican Party, Asher Taub a Jewish attorney from Queens (R-Queens), the candidate for New York’s 6th congressional district challenging Gregory Meeks, released the following statement:

“I am running for United States Congress as a Republican against an opponent who embodies everything that is wrong with America.

Gregory Meeks has taken his 12 years in Congress and spent this country into the ground while making it less safe by being too soft on Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians.

In addition to falling in line with the rest of the Democratic Party as they got drunk on spending and failed to secure our borders, Mr. Meeks has used his office to enrich himself and his friends. He has been subpoenaed by the US Attorney’s office for accepting improper gifts and for ‘losing’ tens of thousands of dollars given to his ‘charity’ that is allegedly used to help the disadvantaged in his district.

It’s time for change. It’s time for the Queens community to have a voice in Congress that will refuse to spend money we don’t have. It’s time for a voice in Congress that believes the best way to help people is to help themselves, not created failed social programs that gets people stuck in their own cycle of helplessness.

And most importantly, its time for the Jewish community to have a voice in Congress that can articulate our values; these values that once upon a time coincided with American values, but sadly that is no longer the case.

Israel must be protected, not attacked. Iran must be stopped, not coddled. Our economy needs to compete in a new global market, which means private enterprise should be encouraged, not demonized.

I can barely recognize this great country anymore. I, Asher Taub, am running for Congress and am going to Washington to begin turning that around.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)