Message From 70 Pct Regarding Upcoming Storm


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The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for New York City from 7:00 PM Tuesday until 6:00 PM Wednesday. The current forecast calls for 7-14 inches of snow accompanied by strong wind gusts. The heaviest snow is forecast for after midnight Tuesday night into Wednesday. With visibility expected to be less than 1/4 mile at times, caution should be exercised when traveling. 
In the meantime, the 70th Precinct will be fully staffed and will be available to assist in all your needs.  During our last snow storm (Blizzard), the 70th Precinct worked extremely hard in assisting the community by playing the role of Ambulances, transporting people to hospitals and giving CPR. They were car service drivers for people in need of care and for those who needed to get those who required care. They were Traffic agents moving traffic along and at times they were even Sanitation workers digging people out, but most of all they were still protecting the City from violence.

As a reminder, prepare for the snow by giving yourself enough time to arrive to your destination, rushing and excessive speed can cause accidents. Park your car legally and if you live on a “one-way” street, try to park on the left side of the street, Sanitation plows to the right. If you decide to drive make sure you have a full tank of gas and a shovel in your car.  For further inquires, please contact the 70th Precinct at 718-851-5511.

Deputy Inspector Ralph Monteforte
70th Precinct Commanding Officer